8 weeks pregnant and haven’t taken prenatal vitamins?

8 weeks pregnant and haven’t taken prenatal vitamins?

Question by : 8 weeks pregnant and haven’t taken prenatal vitamins?
Well tomorrow I am 8 weeks. This is my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t say I’m unhealthy, but I don’t have a family doctor and nobody really knows I am pregnant for personal reasons; besides 2 close older friends of mine. My boyfriend is really busy most of the time and the car has been broken down & a bunch of stuff. So none of my friends have talked to me about needing to take the vitamins I am not aware of what I need, and what I can and can’t have (because I don’t have parents) so I would love some advice, is this horrible that I haven’t taken the vitamins (Like I said I’m not completely unhealthy, I drink fruit smoothies, eat salads (spinach) drink lots of orange juice and eat bananas, and lots of yogurt and soups and pastas etc. Anyways I’ve had an ultra sound, the lady had a strong accent so I didn’t talk to her at all really. & the doctor who said I was pregnant had also a very strong accent and he didn’t really say anything to me at all. SO I’m a little frustrated and confused…where do I get prenatal vitamins? & what else do I need? probably just the pharmacy right? how much does it cost? ah I’m just so tired and confused. I’m pretty much on my own and don’t know what to do.
I am 18 years old by the way….I’ve been on my own for a long time….

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Answer by Samantha
Hi! No its not going to harm anything because it sounds like you are a healthy eater! They are pretty expensive. Its about $ 20 depending on what brand you get and how many. But they are worth. Just start taking it once you have a chance to get them. Your off to a good start in your pregnancy! I am glad you are taking good care of your baby and yourself :) good luck!

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  1. Lexi

    i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 8 weeks.. so until then i didn’t take any either.. just go to the store and ask a pharmacist about the prenatal pills. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS TKAE THEM WITH FOOD!! i got really really sick one night because i just took the straite pill!! not a good idea lol..

  2. P a u l a εїз

    Well I didnt start taking prenatal vitamins until i was about 7 weeks along. Its not horrible that you havent taken any yet. Your doctor should have prescribed some for you. But you can easily by them at any store that has a pharmacy. Or even those flinstone vitamins work just as good. Theres nothing really that you should change except the obvious (drinking/smoking) just take care of yourself. Sounds like your pretty much doing that already.

    Good Luck! and Congratulations!

  3. Doodlestuff

    Prenatal vitamins are not as big of a deal early in pregnancy. Only folic acid is. You are probably fine because you eat a wide variety of foods. Make sure that you get meat as it is high in iron.

    Target and Walgreens both have prenatal vitamins for under $ 10.

  4. greatbigsky

    I got a generic bottle of prenatal vitamins from Target. They weren’t more than $ 10 and there’s a ton of them. I would just start taking them ASAP, better late than never. The fact that you eat healthy probably helps. Hey some people don’t even figure out they’re pregnant for like 5 months and their babies turn out fine. Make sure you get prenatal care, and maybe ask if they can refer you to a social worker, they can help you with a lot of this stuff, esp. what to do when, how to pay for it all, etc.

  5. Lenor

    congrats on the pregnancy. and so far ur doing a good job on eating good with ur fruits and stuff and its not too late to be taking prenatal vitamins so go to the drugstore and ask for assistance. there are many different types out there and make sure u read them all before u buy. just to compare. they are almost all the same and good for u! the cost ranges from about 12 to 20$ and its so worth it. i got the ones where it says u can take them before, durring, and after pregnancy so thats great. just go buy em! good luck to ya..baby dust sent to u! and when u go to the doctors make sure u tell them to talk slowly so u can understand them!

  6. Amber

    you can get them over the counter for now but i reccomend you get them prescribed because your baby needs dha which is not found in ones over the counter and get a new obgyn…sounds like they are not going to be great drs so hurry up n switch!! good luck!

  7. Sara

    Well, you can get prenatal vitamins pretty much anywhere – they sell them at Wal Mart that I know of because I’ve bought them there. I wouldn’t freak out at all about not taking your vitamins yet – although I’d recommend at least taking folic acid. My sister in law lives in Germany and they don’t even take prenatal vitamins there – the doctors that she saw didn’t believe in them and told her she’d get all she needed from the foods she ate – I mean, think about it, for thousands of years, women didn’t have prenatal vitamins and babies were fine :o) So, take a deep breath, and go pick some up at the grocery store if it will help ease your mind :o)

    As far as what to avoid – many women avoid cold cuts due to the risk of listeria…raw fish, undercooked meat, smoking, drinking…I can’t think of any others right now, but if you ever have any doubt on anything, you can always do a search online too…that’s what I did!

    Good luck and I pray you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  8. I_love_my_pup

    the best place is to get the prescription strenght prenatal vitamins from your doctor. you can ask for samples from the office to help you financially.

    If that doesn’t work out for you, you can get over the counter prenatal vitamins from palces like walmart or any other pharmacy. ask the pharmacist to help you chose the best ones. a good pharmacist will help you.

    as long as you’re eating healthy, you’re okay, don’t beat yourself up over this. the vitamins are there to fill the gaps, because most women don’t eat a perfectly balanced diet every day.

    I have prescription ones (I started with a sample pack from the doc ‘s office) sometimes I forget to take them. Sometimes I forget all week. But baby is still fine.

    Also, go to the library, and get yourself a pregnancy book, something like “what to expect when you’re expecting” or “your pregnanacy and birth”. That really has helped me ALOT. I’m pregnant for the first time too, and there is so much in those books that no one ever tells you.

    good luck. email me if you need to :)

  9. tired

    Its ok. Your eating good but you still need vitamins. As other people have stated yes there expensive, and they are very harsh. I only experniced morning sickness when taking prenatals. However my doctor told me to take childrens vitamins. Whichever you want just take two at a time daily and your good to go. Your looking at 6-8 bucks for flinstones compared to 20-30 for prenatals and the baby is getting what it needs. Also google foods to eat while pregnant, there is a lot things you cant eat now that can really harm your baby. You should be good to go. Dont skip on you doctor visits, most ob doctors are good about payment plans, also look into qualifying for medcaid.

  10. annie

    you sound like a smart and strong woman. the only vitamin you really need right now is folic acid (B9). it is in everything you have described that you have eaten. but if it is handy, take any regular multivitamin daily until you buy prenatals, which are available at every drugstore. then just continue to eat right, no drugs, exercise, and go to all your prenatal visits. and get some emotional support. find or start a pregnancy issues group. ask any middle-aged mom, or grandmom, for advice and a listening ear. look around in your community. hit the playgrounds. accept offers of used clothes and equipment, if that’s your thing. enjoy!

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