Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby Reviews – Really Work?

Question by : Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby Reviews – Really Work?
Good afternoon everyone

I’m looking for some honest reviews and opinions on the Plan My Baby book by Alicia Pennington.
I’m thinking seriously to buy this Ebook online and wonder if one of you bought this guide already and was successful with the methods inside.
Any help and opinions from people that bought Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby Guide will be really great and much appreciated.

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Answer by Anna

I just bought the Plan My Baby book by Alicia Pennington few days ago so I can’t tell you if the methods inside work or not, however I just finished to read the book yesterday and was really impressed with the information inside.

Firstly, the book centers its methodology on the differences between the male and the female sperm.
It’s like a 3 step guide on what to do to help you choosing your baby’s gender before conception and the 3 steps are:

1 – Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You Are Ovulating For Conceiving A Boy Or Girl

2 – Adjust Your Diet to Create the Ideal Environment for Sperm Y Or Sperm X

3 – Use a Particular Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy or a Girl

In my opinion the best thing about Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby book is the fact that all the techniques and methods covered in the book are completely 100% natural and safe.

I know that there is no surefire way of guaranteeing that I will achieve the desired results of gender selection that I want (baby girl of course!) but with the 60 days money back guarantee I personally decided to give a chance to Alicia Pennington’s guide.

If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of this guide and to find out what exactly is Alicia Pennington’s Plan My Baby program then below is a very helpful article about this book.
I hope that it helps all the best!

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