At Home Bikini Waxing | ilikeweylie

At Home Bikini Waxing | ilikeweylie

At Home Bikini Waxing | ilikeweylie

My advice and tips on bikini waxing. Enjoy :) French Closed Captions available! Epilation cire à la maison. Comment s’épiler à la cire chez soi, étape par ét…
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  1. TheMigliaccios

    i had this wax and i hated it! my personal opinion though. it didn’t grab
    on the hairs very good and it was very messy

  2. ForeverALarryShipper

    your hilarious! everyone says you talk really fast but i think you talk
    perfectly fine and it makes the vid a little bit more funny ^-^ i remember
    watching this vid for the first time, and then i waxed the next day for the
    first time and i was so happy i did it the way you did. I’m at this vid
    again cause im showing my cousin. Thanks so much girl

  3. Snow Yee

    Ok, this is a really really stuuuuupid question (i warned u) but will your
    skin rip when u wax?? Cuz its like soft at the bikini area 

  4. Kate Curry

    She made this video for people who WANT to wax not people who dont believe
    in it so if you dont agree dont watch it !!!

  5. Christina Christodoulou

    See… If you’re having “special time with your boo” then the actual
    “vaginal parts” aren’t gonna be as smooth as the upper parts so I feel like
    I should try do as much as I can down there but as you said, IT HURTS! 

  6. Nefertari Graham

    Lol yh ain’t liying waxing hurts like idk What! Buutt its worth it .
    Totally trying your way!

  7. Rebekah Hope

    personally i’ve never waxed down there before but i’ve heard professionals
    say that if you can wax your upper lip, then it’s really easy and doesn’t
    hurt nearly as much down there, and I’m really hairy and have waxed my lip
    for like 2 years.

  8. Heather Habeger

    Great video didn’t know that some of them had so many uses. I love my
    steamer I hardly use other cleaners I have them but use my steamer a lot

  9. Elissa Binion

    I love this!:) I had no idea that pledge cleaned shoes!:) what is a
    steamer? Like a steamer for carpet or something?

  10. TheCaliforniaGirl83

    Great video girl..I’ve used most of these..they work great..shout advance
    is super good to have!

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