ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight?

ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight?

Question by Madisons Mommy =): ATTN MOMMYS: How can I lose this weight?
My pre-pregnancy weight was 125 and I can’t get back down to anything to save my life. I had the baby June 10th via c-section and I still remain the same weight!!!! I try exercising and eating right, what else can I do?

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Answer by Jean
Unfortunately, baby weight is the hardest weight to lose! Keep on eating well and exercising. If you’re breastfeeding, that will help too. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about getting you started on a weight loss regime that won’t compromise your health. Just remember, it’s better to lose the weight slowly and steadily than trying to lose it all quickly. Learn to love the curvier new you for a while, try not to stress too much about it. If you try to lose it and it doesn’t shift, it sounds like you’re still at a healthy weight so don’t worry about it!

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  1. Jen R

    I am the same way Ihad my baby a yer ago and I am still trying to kick some weight off. I just upped my work out too,. That all you can do is cardio and eat good.
    It takes a long time so keep at it!!!!

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