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If you have the cash to splash, then the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is the very best monitoring device you can buy. Connect the device easily to your WIFI r…


  1. Marco Nuñez

    I read the comments for the android app to use this product and only have
    bad comments!!! Do you tried it with android device? or only apple? Thanks

  2. Marcela Erazo

    also, how easy or difficult is to set or pair the baby`s monitor to our
    wifi network at home?

  3. sierrabuckley123

    Do you have to have wifi? I have 4g I phone but I have 10GB of Internet on
    it a month and I don’t need wifi

  4. Kwai Chi

    It will work on 4G for 5mb at a time. Withings have a cap in place to stop
    people from overspending. To override it, just hit the monitor button to

  5. mrlones12

    Thanks! That really puts my mind at ease. I’ve ordered the monitor via
    Apple Store solely relying on your comment. This is going to be great. Very

  6. L000000Lz

    Infra red is not the same at thermal. You don’t have to point it to your
    face to make it work. Other than that, great review. thanks.

  7. Kwai Chi

    Absolutely! I think this is such a a great product. It’s one of my top
    picks for baby gadgets. good luck!

  8. mrlones12

    Thanks! It will be monitor number 4 that I will try. The rest either just
    plain sucked or they required me to physically have his iPhone to set it up
    or send him software, neither of which are very practical for us.

  9. mentalhangover

    You’d be surprised how effective the white noise is on babies. It’s very
    close to what they heard in the womb.

  10. Marcela Erazo

    hi friend, im from guayaquil, ecuador, im just for buy one of this smart
    baby monitor by internet, so please answer me a few questions. i have a
    wifi network at home and my husband and i we have iPhones and we are very
    close to travel to the states, im seven months pregnant, but my baby will
    born one month before my travel, so i will have to leave him in my country.
    my question is: can i travel without my baby and see him from south america
    to usa 24/7?

  11. guto1154

    Who the best withings or wifi baby 2.0 (model 2013)? The withings open the
    android and pc? Withings have sd card, which can record videos? Thanks a

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