Best Baby Shower Gifts: On a Budget

Best Baby Shower Gifts: On a Budget

Having a baby shower or going to one soon and don’t have a clue on what to get and where to start?I no i didn’t here’s a short video on the b…
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  1. BabyKhyani

    I would like to say thank you soooooooo soooooo much for your kind
    words!!!it really means a lot and thanks again for trying to get that guys
    mind right!!!! =) Preciate you!!!!! Stay Beautiful and Blessed!!!

  2. A True Dancer Yaee

    Baran your really disrespectful , and people like you (perverts) shouldnt
    live on earth shes giving nice advice about supplies to get for baby shower
    and your being immature and think negatively , Anywayy nice video btw i
    love how you carry yourself and your family good job ! :)

  3. BabyKhyani

    that is sooooo tru!!!!i shouldve put that for sure!!especially the
    socks!!!he doesnt take a pacifer..=( but we def lose socks all the
    time!!!!lol..thanks for sharing!!

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