Best Baby Stroller!

Video review of the Baby Elegance Beep Twist (grey) baby stroller from an Irish manufacturer.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. biebersgilr

    I was like “OMG WHERE IS EMILIA?!” And then it hit me that this is June
    2012, and Emilia was born in September 2012, lol i’m so stupid

  2. Emily Rogerson

    I saw this video ages ago but have never commented I love this pram so so
    so much I want it for when I am older and have kids it looks super great
    and I love the colour1 Love you guys! xxx

  3. molly4748

    Babies may not have immune systems but they need to be exposed to germs to
    build one. The baby will be surrounded by the dogs for her whole life so
    her body needs to be used to the germs they carry. Not to mention that
    germs will not survive a week let alone until the baby arrives. And finally
    I personally think the harsh chemicals in disinfectant would be much more
    harmful to a baby. What kind of things are in those products to KILL all
    bacteria. This is speaking from a professional midwife.


    theres really no point in comments judging their lives.. obviously they
    have their own opinions and as much as they do care about the comments,
    they are going to do what they want in the end

  5. Sharon LIWA

    For your next stroller the Bugaboo Donkey duo is perfect i definitely
    recommend you guys it will be for Emilia as a toddler and for the no name
    baby on the ways so excited for the blogs coming

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