Best Baby Thermometer- Santa Medical RY230 Infrared Thermometer Review

Best Baby Thermometer- Santa Medical RY230 Infrared Thermometer Review

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  1. shulan xiao

    UT301A Non Contact Infrared Thermometer–$59.20

  2. desaree skinner

    ok first off when u make a video read about the bottles, the simalac bottle
    the thing in the bottle is not for air bubble for colic baby’s that is to
    make sure that there is no lumps in the formula and mix the fat in to the
    breast milk when it separates, second its a amazing bottle my son is now
    9.5 months and could hold it with no trouble at all at 4 months of age, he
    is a fully breast fed baby but i started work when he was 4 months and at
    first was the only bottle he would take and i don’t know why u say u would
    have to buy lots of them because they provide 8 ounce bottles you can buy
    as well i have one of each size with the bottle, other thing the bag ones
    are great i have one of both size and they work awesome, the bag allows you
    to squeeze all the air out before giving it to ur baby and i just love the
    playtex ones :), i have never used the dr browns because they are to small
    of nipples and don’t want him to get nipple confused, and the similac is
    also so easy to poor my breast milk into with out worrying i will spill it
    everywhere, hope this helps mommys trying to find a good bottle

  3. Amber Olson

    How are you going to REVIEW a bottle you haven’t even tried? Watching this
    video made me feel sorry for you two and your poor child. You seem very

  4. JanieBee83

    So helpful! I found myself trying to create a registry in Babies R Us the
    other day and being overwhelmed by the selection and not knowing how they
    were different. It was so nice to see you open them up and show all the
    parts that are incorporated. I cannot imagine having to clean and try to
    sterilize all the parts in the Dr. Brown’s. I was thinking of using the
    Playtex drop ins since that was the closest thing to what my mom used 30
    years ago on the rare occasion she bottle fed and it seems to be the
    easiest to clean! It was great to see the Vent-Aire taken apart. I like
    that it opens on the bottom and also looks very easy to clean and also that
    I could use the same nipple as the Drop Ins bottle. (I will have to go back
    to teaching full time at 4 months, so I will NOT have the time required for
    tedious cleaning of bottle parts!)

  5. mobetta1981

    this video was very helpful ladies. I was considering Playtex VentAire, and
    you guys helped me to make a decision! Thanks

  6. Isaiah Goodman

    I used Dr. Brown’s bottles with all three of my children and besides the
    tedious cleaning process they were great. I had no issues with colic or
    transitioning from the breast to bottle.

  7. nortenagoddess

    My son is 3 months and I like the similac bottles but my problems with the
    bottle is that is leaks at the nipples and nipple get worn out to fast

  8. Queenprel

    doctor browns also offer a wider version of there bottles for all the
    breast feeding mammas

  9. Monie Adri

    I love Playtex drop ins there nothing better for my baby who had a lot of
    colic and I could also use the plastic in baby bottle warmer munchkin

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