Best Organizing Products from The Container Store – Self-Adhesive Instant Wheels

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    @ellieellej YAY! You are so welcome, thanks for sharing your comment :)

  2. nursetam1

    I am happy I found your channel you r the best pls come to my house

  3. simplyorganizedsam

    so smart! and you are so pretty! thanks for all of these awesome videos!

  4. DBadBrown

    Can you put a video up about organizing your refrigerator. Mine is a mess
    and I just want to know how i can get it organized.

  5. lisavg09

    Can you give us a list of your all time favorite things from the container
    store? And also what are the best containers for the pantry, laundry room
    and bathroom.


    Oh my , you are strikingly beautiful, no that’s not the right words, how
    about boldly gorgeous. Oh screw it, my corny passes are not working.
    Anywho, thanks for the lovely video. I am a huge fan of the Container
    Store, I often go to the Walnut Creek , California one

  7. xX19Cass89Xx

    OMG! Im getting these for my trash can, that probably sounds weird, but my
    (apartment) kitchen is soooo small we have the trash in the corner but it
    is in front of draws that we access regularly and the fridge door, thank
    you for posting this now we can wheel it out of our way!!

  8. Devan Lynn

    you are my inspiration…. although watching your vids make me feel
    cluttered…. you have inspired me to turn my organization around

  9. familyhuff

    Hi Alejandra! I just love your videos. You seem like the sweetest person
    too! You mentioned in this video that there are probably about 10 items
    (from container store) that you use in most of your designs. Can you share
    this list? I don’t have a container store near me (closest one is about 45
    mins away) and it seems like they have ALOT of great stuff….almost
    overwhelming!! so it would be great to see your list. Thanks!

  10. Mayerling Rodriguez

    Mira Alejandra se te olvido organizar las cholas que tienes debajo de la
    mesa al fondo….. LOL

  11. SleeplessinOC

    my dream is to have a perfectly organized home. i am the most disorganized
    and messy people there are. wish i could pay you to come to my little place
    and help me get it organized !

  12. 86Bebelyn

    wow my back has been killing me! Now I know what i can do to help at least
    a little thanx!

  13. Photo Tips and Travel Videos with Angela B Pan Photography

    This is a really good idea. I hate doing laundry anyways, but this makes it
    so much easier. Maybe this will make me like it a little more…

  14. Christine Padilla

    I’m getting soooo addicted to you!!! Well, to your ogranizing tips!!!! I
    LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for your videos!!!

  15. LeopardAndPlaid

    They hold up to 250 lbs? I would totally sit on the hamper and have my
    husband push me to the laundry room. Having fun while doing chores makes
    them so much more enjoyable. :)

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