can i loose my wait in early pregnanacy.or it will not be good for the baby?

Question by cheeno: can i loose my wait in early pregnanacy.or it will not be good for the baby?

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Answer by stive br
It’s obviously dangerous for your baby.

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  1. essence

    you could but it might cause problems when you’re babyis born because u’re putting too much pressure on yourself

  2. Lilly

    Too late now, however you can monitore your weight now and don’t gain anymore of what you need to gain. Eat healthy from now on.

  3. StarGazer

    It is not good to even think about losing weight while you’re pregnant. The baby needs all of the nourishment it can get. Just start eating healthy. That should help, get you healthy, then your weight will adjust on its own.

  4. hotmomma23

    It is actually recommended to gain weight during your pregnancy than losing it. Studies have shown that not enough weight gain while pregnant can increase the risk for preterm birth (premature babies) and low birthweight for babies.

    Eating healthy and properly while pregnant, and keeping track of your weight so that you don’t gain weight too fast, can help you shed off those pregnancy pounds fast after you have the baby.Also, breastfeeding postpartum has been known to help the mom lose the weight fast.

    If you’re worried about the weight you’re gaining or losing while pregnant, discuss with your doctor your pregnancy diet (when I say ‘diet’, I don’t mean a weight loss diet but as an eating habit or lifestyle) and see what will work best for you. Or you can talk to a nutritionist who will guide you to eating healthy while pregnant.

    In the first trimester it is ideal to gain 3-4 lbs. By the second trimester, a weight gain of 1 lb per week is recommended. By the third trimester and on the last month, weight gain slows down to a 1/2 per week. These are all, of course, ideal numbers and no one hardly ever gets to follow it perfectly. But it’s okay, as long as you gain weight steadily and not too fast, then you won’t have a problem.

    Goodluck to you!!

  5. wabbitqueen

    Yes, that is very dangerous. Never attempt to go on any sort of weight-loss plan during pregnancy! You’ll have plenty of time to worry about your figure after the baby is born.

  6. megalus03

    It’s not good to diet, but i think if you are following a sensible eating routine, getting proteins and veggies and fruit etc, then i think thats fine, as well as walking daily, it helps burn the fat faster and is easier on the joints!

    But don’t starve yourself, take your pre-natals and from experience, GIVE IN TO CRAVINGS! If you don’t it only get’s worse!
    Good Luck!

  7. joey322

    i lost a few pounds in early pregnancy…but that’s what my body did….i wasn’t actively trying to lose weight.

    just eat well and normally and you should be fine.
    this isn’t the time to go on a diet or work out so much that you get really fatigued.
    fatigue will hit you early on in pergnancy and you don’t want to overdo it!

    so, keep in mind that you should gain about average 30 pounds.
    if you are already overweight, then be sure to dicuss pregnancy weight gain with your dr. they can guide on what is healthy for you and your baby!

    take care!

  8. mom_of_cutest_baby_ever

    You should never try to lose weight during prenancy. Don’t gain too much though. You can still exercise, but this is not a good time to try new exercises or increase exercises. Always wait until the baby is born and you’ve recovered. Adding new exercises or increasing exercises will add more stress on your body and now is the time you should take it easy.

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