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From what age is safe to hold a baby in a baby sling?

From what age is safe to hold a baby in a baby sling?

A baby sling - or some calls it baby kangaroo carrier - is a very comfortable wear for both babies and mums. The biggest benefit is that it frees up both hands and makes it easier to carry the baby's body weight. It is ideal for longer baby carrying periods. The classic sling is a one-shouldered baby carrier made of soft fabric. Some most models distribute the weight across both shoulders - they are the kangaroo types. When used incorrectly, however, a baby sling can pose a suffocation hazard to an infant younger than age 4 months. So make sure you take extra care with smaller babies and READ the INSTRUCTIONS. It is SAFE way to carry a baby (even if newborn), if you follow important safety guidelines. A baby sling can be used with babies from birth up to 35 pounds (16kg), depending on the wearer and the exact type of baby sling. Perfect for…

new native baby carrier reviews? 10 points?

Question by : new native baby carrier reviews? 10 points? ill be using it for the hip carry position for a 9 month old, pretty calm and about 20 lbs. thanks (: ill mostly just be using it for navigating through an airport 4 different times so im not willing to drop a ton of cash.. her stroller works fine everywhere else this time it will just me my daughter and i flying alone and i cant taker her stroller everywhere we'll be going. Best answer: Answer by ZsofiaI have been using a sling evet since my baby was born(1year old now) and I must say its a blessing!!!! Knowing that my baby is perfectly safe,happy to feel me,being cuddled without actually being held AND I have my hands free is amazing! I can only say good things about it! And its good for my back as well as it…