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home made baby products, wipes? honey chunks?

Question by melaniecampbell: home made baby products, wipes? honey chunks? Hey! I am lokoing for recipes for home made baby products-- baby wipes, food, diapers, creams and lotions, etc. I am wanting to do everything as cheaply, safely, and environmentally friendly as possible for my baby! I am going to be a stay at home mom (I also have a 5 yr old), so I have some extra time to do these things... I saw a product called Honey Chucks wipes solution. Do any of you know how to make it yourself? I have sensitive skin, so I want to be as gentle on babys skin as I can be... will be cloth diapering, too. Any tips on this (recipes, how to store the products, how to use them, etc) would be AWESOME ! Links to websites with more info would also be great... :) Best answer: Answer by kspstI…