Celebrity Post-Baby Body Workout- Star Fit

[01:26] Kettle Bell Swing [02:18] First to Second Position Plyo Jumps [03:08] Kettle Bell Abs [04:43] Workout Summary/ Recommendation Celebrity Post-Baby Bod…
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Fitness Expert Sara Haley shares workout tips to help you lose the baby weight. #momcorner.


  1. seygra20 .

    They get back in shape so quickly because they have a lot of free time, a
    lot help and a number of personal assistance compared with regular ladies
    work 8-4 jobs

  2. MegaFitnessLover

    I think this is a great video. I haven’t had kids but my tummy is my
    problem area and these exercises seem easy and effective!

  3. JohnEricHarper

    I worry about this kind of exercise if the mother has not recovered
    abdominally from her pregnancy, or if she has not been checked for
    diastasis recti.

  4. OspreyWife

    They don’t have to actually take care of the baby that’s how they loose the
    weight! If I had all the free time they did I’d be skinny too

  5. Socal babe

    I can definitely see how these two trainers are great for post baby
    workouts. They are beautiful, yet not intimidating-in this workout anyways.
    I’ve done some of these workouts, eventhough I’m not a new mom, and they
    really work! Good luck moms!!

  6. BeFiT

    It can be hard to get in shape after having babies, but we believe that you
    can do it! For more motivation, check out BeFit’s Facebook and Twitter
    pages. Don’t forget how powerful, beautiful, and amazing you are ladies!

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