Comparing top brand baby bottles: to save you time and money!

Comparing top brand baby bottles: to save you time and money!

Buying baby bottles? Where do you even begin? With so many options out there it can get very overwhelming! I have done both breast feeding and bottle feeding…

Baby Monitor Reviews: (To learn more about the topics featured in this video and to read my genuine video baby monitor reviews …


  1. Peyton McDorman

    i thought tommee tippee bottles were good for breastmilk when you werent
    around to breast feed:/

  2. Michelle Smith

    Hi Stephen :) I’m going to do some product demo videos soon, but for now
    there are plenty right here on youtube! Thanks for watching.

  3. Angela Morris

    Our nursery is right across the master bedroom so we just went with an
    audio monitor. I can see the advantage of having video though.

  4. S. Cloud Charles

    I bought a video baby monitor for my little guy. Like she says in the video
    it gives you more peace of mind and is totally worth the investment. I like
    that fact you can see what’s going on and not just hear because your baby
    might not cry until something preventable has already happened.

  5. Michelle Smith

    They are worth the money in the long run, but if you can’t afford a video
    baby monitor using a cheaper audio monitor combined with frequent visits to
    the nursery is the next safest bet.

  6. Michelle Smith

    Great point Cloud…what a wonderful name! If your child gets tangled in a
    blind cord or gets stuck between crib slats a video baby monitor allows you
    to see it before any damage is done. Where as an audio monitor may inform
    you too late.

  7. Keels Elizabeth

    My husband and I run a daycare and we’re really considering buying a video
    monitor with a few extra cameras. You can never be too safe and the parents
    would love the idea! Thanks for the video!

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