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  1. sooumyah

    The claim that crazy diets are at the fault of the bridal industry is not
    unlike that which states fast food marketing is responsible for obesity.
    It’s a tricky issue.

  2. jmblillies

    Common sense is just not that common. I think the responsibility falls on
    both the marketing & the women in the situation. That’s just my 2 cents.

  3. 1GiiirlWithAttitude

    I get where Janices commin from n yeah shes in part right, but yeah, what
    Jill said is the full reality….each of us can make the choices in d
    end…. Amazin podcast guuurls! :)

  4. ThatsWhatsCrazy

    I think people are just willing to put anything in their body for the most
    bogus reasons. I can’t wait for grass eating to kick in. We’ll call it
    “being one with nature” and everyone’s gonna do it, it’s gonna be so cool
    and doctor-recommended…

  5. Andrea Baader

    Obviously there is pressure on brides to look perfect for a day, just the
    same as there is pressure on all women to be and do whatever all the time.
    However, it is fair to believe that your wedding day is special and will be
    remembered (in pictures) for a lifetime, and therefore it is fair to want
    to look your best. The bigger issue is, a bride-to-be could use a healthier
    program like “Making the Cut” for 30 days rather than something insane like
    a feeding tube for 8 days.

  6. cyraa30

    I think it is interesting that a previous episode discussed that junk
    should not be marketed to children. If you think about it the marketing to
    look good on one’s wedding day is also impacting many young girls also, who
    then have that image stuck in their head when they get older. It is very
    similar to societies push to be thin causing body image issues and
    contributing to eating disorders. Not everyone can realize the role of
    media and break away from it when they get older.

  7. Rachel Howdle

    I lost some weight for my wedding (even though I was still obese) I loved
    my dress and felt amazing in it. What I didn’t like was the bitch that came
    upto me just after my ceremony telling me I should have gone on a diet and
    look how good I look in my bikini. Go to weight watchers. Next year is my
    10th anniversary I’m smaller than I was then but still battling to being
    the best I can and fitter than ever.

  8. MadB1oom

    Heyhey, So I am getting married in 19 days. I did lose some weight but I
    did it slowly and by doing exactly what Jillian said. I ate less (actually
    I ate more green and less of the “whites”) and I started to move more. I’m
    down 30lbs in 10 months and fitting into my beautiful size 8 wedding dress
    perfectly. It’s super exciting because I think I was 15 the last time I was
    a size 8 :) The wedding was a motivator but I really did it for me and I
    will continue to work towards my goal weight.

  9. Yvonne England

    Wow. I agree with Janice. I understand that people SHOULD step back from
    all the marketing BS and decide for themselves what they want. But this is
    going to be very difficult to do when when you’ve had certain ideas about
    beauty and happiness presented to you and reinforced for years. It’s really
    hard to be objectively when people tell you this is the most important day
    of your life blah blah blah, and you must look a certain way or it won’t be
    perfect. If only people could be logical.

  10. YFabu

    I am with both too. There are woman who are followers and then there are
    leaders. The more women follow (buy) the bridal industry/magazines the more
    these industries will produce for them to buy. The women who are leaders
    (like Jillian) that do not believe in this crap simply do not buy into
    these industries. So, it is all a marketing strat. for the followers who
    keep buying this crap!

  11. Chrystal Bates

    Actually both Jillian and her mother are correct. The media and marketing
    industries target people on a psychological level because it has proven
    effective in generating sales. However, it is up to the individual whether
    or not to buy into the marketing. There are many that don’t realize they
    need to critically think about what is being said or advertised in order to
    make good decisions. The “big day” is a lot of stress and can undermine the
    decision making process.

  12. jameo4lifeuk

    I like Jillian, she’s not afraid to tell it how it is. People should
    empower themselves to see through marketing pressure for the nonsense it


    I am a jillian fan, but the reason i watch daily dose is because Janice is
    so hilarious. Just saying. I ant her built into my house :)

  14. ClinicallyManiac

    Eat Less Move More. Right On Jillian! It’s tough but that is the only way
    to do it right and to be able to maintain it.

  15. darkness585

    lmao why do jillians exercises when we can shove a tube up our noses. hell
    never a bride here so I dont care lol. However I prefer her grueling

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