Creative baby shower gift ideas

Creative baby shower gift ideas

Gifts are an indispensable part of any baby shower. Even the name of the event comes from the English word “shower” and means the rain of gifts for the baby that is given to the future mom. Through the small gifts of a colleague help to complete a newborn baby (many have created a special “wish list”). In addition to traditional children’s articles: napkins or cosmetics, the nicest gift is the ingenious trinkets (eg hand-made).

A time capsule gift box

A box with a wish box and good (witty) advice for a baby and a mum, which is about to be opened only in 18 years. Guests write what they would like to say to the child, and close the cards in the box. Frequent additions are photographs from USG examinations and photographs of the pregnant tummy from various periods of the pregnancy.

Cake made out of diapers
Hit the antenatal parties! From the pampers, we form three rounds of “cake” and set them like a pyramid on a cake. Between the “pieces of cake” we hit the “nuts”: toys, teasers, hairbrushes, teaspoons, socks … A few more decorative hugs and cake ready. Or you can order it online.

“Nappies are the most practical gift for young parents. I myself remember how much we consumed them just after childbirth. That’s why, for my friend’s baby shower, I gave her a 60 pampers diaper cake. Apparently, the cake was “eaten up” by her little Olusia in less than a week” – laughs Joanna, mother of two-year Antosia.

Bracelet of happiness

Friends bring the beads and ornaments from which the bracelet is made. By dipping them, every guest loudly wishes for the child. Mom can not take off the bracelet until the day of childbirth. This talisman is reminded of how many people accompany her while waiting for the baby.

– After giving birth, I bundled my bracelet into a treasure box. Together with her came a plastic band from the hospital to the hand of the newborn, the first cut of the hairpin of Szymusia and the outline of his feet, which we did when our son had four days – says Agnieszka.

Painting belly

Pregnant curls most often associated with breathing difficulties and frequent visits to the toilet? Hmm, look at it from a different perspective too. During the baby shower, your belly acts as an honorable guest to receive special treatment. Adorned with cheerful paintings, oriental designs, colorful handprints, guests will surely be delighted to be featured on commemorative photographs.

Shapes in memory

This is another very cool idea. Use gypsum plasters to cast your tummy. After drying and hardening you can beautify the shape of the fanciful patterns.

“My plump tummy was painted in stars and moons, because the pregnancy and the new life in my life made me associate myself with the mysteries of the cosmos. Now casting is in the bedroom and it reminds me of this magical wait for our daughter” – says Kasia, mom of two months Justine.

Fun and baby shower competitions

This is the third but not the least important part of the event. Give your fears free and serious thoughts about childbirth. Social games, puns, contests, and quizzes will help to relax the atmosphere. The more ridiculous, the better!

Who knows best? A great idea for integrating guests is to test the knowledge of the future mother and baby: the date of childbirth, the names for the baby, the hospital selected. Ideally, questions should be arranged before the event and consulted with the heroine of the ceremony.


How many centimeters at the waist? It’s fun, where the belly and his little resident play. The invited mates are guessing how many centimeters have the future mother in the waist. Contrary to appearances it is not so easy!

“On my baby shower I gave my friends long ribbons, and they were supposed to cut them to “fit”. Then I took turns getting them together, but it turned out that they were all too short! We could not stop laughing” – recalls Marta, the mother of two-month-old Amelka.

Name for the child? With dozens of scattered syllables, guests create unique, funniest names for the child. You can also contest the most beautiful name for your comfort. If you have not yet decided how to name a child, such brainstorming will be a great source of inspiration.