DAY 1: Bikini Body Mommy 90 Day Challenge

8e8fb24a2f2aac14ef15438a58834f2fRelatable and thought-provoking, Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint is an inspiring call to action for female transformation. Designed to cut through the ambiguity and stigma surrounding what women can’t achieve with their bodies after childbirth — to what they can! Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint is the definitive transformation guide for any woman who has lost her sense of self, is struggling with her body image, desperately looking to shed the unwanted pounds — lose the pooch, and get in the best shape of her life! Drawing on a decade long battle with her own weight, Bikini Body Mommy, Inc. founder Briana Christine recounts how her decisions, mistakes, and daily struggles as a divorced, over weight, single-mother of three, ultimately led to her remarkable 100 Pound Bikini Body Mommy.

Tummy stretch marks after pregnancy - You earned the stripes as a TIGER

Follow along as Founder Briana Christine, fights to lose 25-30 Post-pregnancy pounds and walks you step-by-step…. day-by-day.



  1. Alice Barton

    I’m not a mommy, but I am loooooving this! Starting this evening!! Thanks
    you’re an amazing inspiration!!!

  2. Emma

    I love your videos! Really hick suggestion though, could you try to add
    music when you’re working out to the video or just in real life. If you
    can’t, it’s okay but if you could, it would be really helpful :)

  3. Tiffany Cantrell

    My daughter is turning 3 next month. I never lost the baby weight but now
    I would love to lose about 30 pounds. I just did day one. 

  4. Kimberly Maddox

    okay I just finished the Day 1 fit test… OMG I feel like I am going to
    kill over and die…LOL but honestly… going through it with Briana and
    seeing her struggle made it better for me as she shows that she is 100%
    human with challenges as well.

  5. Linda Allred

    Thank you for your help and motivation 1 have 5 kids and really never lost
    any of the weight. I’ve finally relished how unhappy I’ve been getting with
    my body and need to change, so day 1 was pretty hard I hope to keep it up
    and make a lifestyle change, thank you again so much. 

  6. Angela Shealy

    Love this…I can relate to her and look forward to starting tomorrow!!!…

  7. aaraujo55

    So happy to have found u!! Just took my before photos measurements and
    weight. Can anyone explain what the accountability partner is?

  8. melilovesmac

    I just did Day 1. I’m behind but I will still do the challenge. Thanks so
    much for doing this challenge. 

  9. cherrymarie100

    just started today, I have knee problems but thats not going to stop me 

  10. Móna Lind Kristinsdóttir

    My girl is almost 9 months now and i haven’t gotten into getting back into
    shape – I’M IN – Day one starts NOW ! thank you 

  11. Kat Cupcakebaker

    Hi ladies, I am a mum of 3 (5 and under) living in the UK. I’ve been
    watching Briana on and off for some months now but have just gotten up the
    energy to start this program. My measurements almost brought me to tears
    and my body is weaker than a baby! I am dying inside!! This fit test was
    HARD! I have a pulse in my gums…very twitchy teeth. Looking forward to
    tomorrow…woo hoo!

  12. Mashandra Poindexter

    Oh wow I’m just found this, I’m way behind, I hope you don’t take these
    videos down! 

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