Dr Phil Show Bridal Betrayal 29 04 2011

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Women who do pre-wedding workout or diets sometimes have difficulty shedding those “final” ten or twenty-pounds. A drastic weightloss program called the KE d…


  1. Andrea Schneider

    Feeding tubes are used to save lives not help lazy people lose wt. I’ve had
    to have them and now have one surgically placed in my intestine and it is
    awful. Ketosis is extremely dangerous, they left out that you are dumping
    protein in your urine and are at risk for coma and even death. A starvation
    diet won’t keep wt off unless you keep it and then you face long term
    consequences. Because of anorexia I no longer have a stomach or gut that
    functions and need a multiorgan transplant.

  2. Siti Syafiqah

    It would be a shame for you not to burn fat when these other people shed
    pounds so easily using Fat Blast Factor (go google it).

  3. rainman1344

    Oh wow just eat less then maintenance calories (theirs calorie calculators
    online that show you how many caloris you need for maintaining your current
    body weight) and youll be set the fuck. using a drip. oh wow.

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