Frequent variation in Blood pressure reading?

Question by SUMATHI J: Frequent variation in Blood pressure reading?
I am in 32 weeks of pregnanacy. Two weeks before my BP was 140/87. Doctor suggested me to take BP tablets three times a day, two tablets each time(Alphadopa). We were closely monitoring BP. BP reading seems to be confusing. BP went down to 114/52. We started reducing the tablet dosage. Now, almost I stopped my tablets(120/70). But some times early in the morning, I could see the upper limit in increasing trend & lower limit in a decreasing trend. for example 136/52. What is this? I have Low BP or high BP? Additional information, I have reduced salt in my diet also. What else I can do? Please suggest me what should I do.

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Answer by Judi
Blood pressure can vary throughout the day. I had to take blood pressure meds during both of my pregnancies, and when I first started taking them, I had dizziness and fainting spells, probably because they lowered it too much, but I was told to keep taking them and my body adjusted to them.

Sleeping on your left side will help your blood pressure. Resting on your left side whenever possible will help too. Drink lots of water.

You may have your baby sooner than your due date…that’s pretty common when you’ve got high blood pressure during pregnancy. You also may have to go to the doctor more frequently than a woman with no complications would.

Ask your doctor if you should be doing kick counts and if they plan to do non-stress tests…both will help reassure you that the baby is doing fine.

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  1. Sharon P

    Position can affect BP reading. Try sleeping with a pillow under your right hip, you don’t need to be completely on your L side just not flat on your back.

    You don’t say what you are doing a the time of taking the BP have you just gotten up, or is it after breakfast, shower etc.. I hope your doc advised you to take the BP at the same time, and not more than once per 5-10min per arm (taking multiple readings on the one arm gives false readings).

    Rest, rest rest and make sure you have a 24/7 contact number for your doctor or delivery team.

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