Gifts for infants?

Question by meetbleek23: Gifts for infants?
My good friend just had a baby and I want to get them a gift. However, they’ve already had the baby shower so I’m sure they have all that they need. What is something unique I could get them that they may not have? Should I just get them a card?

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Answer by Kim B
A Target or Babies R Us gift card

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  1. Amanda

    Get them a keepsake from Tiffany. They have cups and spoons, baby rattles, etc. It’s not something they “need” but something they will keep and cherish forever.

    here’s the link to baby gifts:

  2. Zyrilia

    If you’re crafty (or know someone who is) you can make something for them – a blanket, little outfit, or something. Or order something that’s been personalized with the baby’s name and birth info (you can get ornaments, blankets, and framed art with this information – check eBay or catalogs for more information on those).

    If you’re comfortable with babies, maybe offer to babysit for a few hours so Mom (and Dad) can go out for an adult meal and maybe even catch a movie, once everyone is up to it.

  3. notme

    i am not sure about unique but if u do get them anything maybe some diapers or clothing in a larger size , i’ve been to showers where everyone bring newborn diapers and clothing and its just to much diapers in that age trying getting like size 2 or 6-9 month clothing , hope that helps..or have a blanket made ffor them with the information of the baby on it ,

  4. Flames

    You never quite get EVERYTHING you need, lol. You could always get the baby something that is momogrammed, such as a blanket or diaper bag.

  5. divinity2408

    A gift card is great. Or you could buy them clothes for ages 6-9 or 9-12 months. Everyone got me 0-3 and 3-6 months, I have a bunch of clothes but none for when she gets older.

  6. angelbaby

    I agree with something like a gift card, to Babies or Toys R Us. They could get practical things they may need, or something they would like for the baby later that they may not have now. I like the personalized item idea, there are so many options there. Also books are a good idea, especially some you may have fond memories of as a child. Although the baby won’t use them now, it’s nice to have them for when they are ready.

  7. ladybug
    Get them a shopping cart cover.
    If they just had the baby, they probably don’t have one yet since you don’t use them til the baby can sit propped up at least. Then, they will think of you every time the go grocery shopping or to a restaurant.

  8. maemarilyn1983

    When my mom and step-dad had my little sister i was 18. I got her a diaper service, and she loved it. What that is, is a service that brings you a scented “diaper pail” to put soiled cloth diapers in, and they give you a full supply of clean cloth diapers and once every 2 days to 5 days (depending what the new mom prefers) and they take the soiled ones, and supply more new ones. She thought it was great, because it saved her a fortune on disposable diapers, and with the scented pail, you didn’t have the smell that comes with disposing soiled diapers in the trash can. I got her this service for 6 months. You can choose 6 months or 1 year, and it is pretty reasonable. Another idea would be the things people dont think of that a baby really needs such as, a digital baby thermometer, or a vicks vaporizer. Hope i helped a little bit.

  9. Little*Boots

    Hi, how about a personalized baby memory book? Go to this website There is a book called “My Baby Book” that can be personalized with the baby’s information. They have lots of other titles, too – like Sesame Street, Three Little Pigs, Mother Goose, Teddy Bear Land, Ballerina Princess, Little Mermaid, Sports titles and so many more. Check it out – they’re very reasonably priced, and make a wonderful, unique & special gift… Good Luck!

  10. Diaper Cakewalk

    A diaper cake! Every new baby needs diapers, and the new mom will love it. They are so cute. Here’s a link to a castle diaper cake that is super unique.

    Diaper cakes make great gifts for new parents because they are starting to realize how fast a newborn really goes through diapers and supplies. Plus, they are so adorable, mom-to-be will be talking about your gift to her friends for a long time. Check it out!

  11. kimpenn09

    My favorite baby gift is a card and a set of cute bibs. Then I write on the card, “Life is messy. Wear a bib!”
    Some of my favorite bibs:

    I also like this bib/washcloth set. It is themed to Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat, and you can add a copy of the book to make it a theme gift. (The set is on sale for only $ 6 right now.)

    Don’t worry about not having attended the shower. New parents are stressed and will always appreciate the gesture of gift-giving–not to mention, kids go through so many bibs and outfits in a day, they can’t ever really have enough!

  12. Starlet

    try a really nice silver piggy bank or height chart and have it engraved. that ways it’s quite unique and makes a great keepsake

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