Healthy Pregnancy Diet

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  1. Clint Evans

    what the woman eats during the course of pregnancy is very vital not only
    to the mother’s health but also for the development of the baby especially
    during the first trimester

  2. Linda Weaver

    Thanks for sharing this very informative video, it will help a lot of
    pregnant women who are researching on their diet. But always remember to
    follow your doctor’s advice first before trying out something new!

  3. ShawnaBaybe

    @dreamera1 its prenatal, and you have to take them as soon as you find out
    youre pregnant to help prevent neural tube defects and they give you more

  4. VeganButterfly

    Cow’s milk is NOT a good source of calcium as it contains high amounts of
    animal protein, which encourages calcium to be passed through the urine,
    rather than be absorbed. Plant based sources of calcium are better (collard
    greens, soy, kale, bok choy, broccoli, almonds, calcium-fortified soy milk
    and orange juice, etc)

  5. jswatson76

    You may see a lot of healthy births, but do you know how many miscarriages
    are caused by listeriosis?

  6. willandem

    Yes it is. Beer has alcohol in it…alcohol is a poison. Basically its like
    feeding your baby poisen…

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