home made baby products, wipes? honey chunks?

Question by melaniecampbell: home made baby products, wipes? honey chunks?
I am lokoing for recipes for home made baby products– baby wipes, food, diapers, creams and lotions, etc. I am wanting to do everything as cheaply, safely, and environmentally friendly as possible for my baby! I am going to be a stay at home mom (I also have a 5 yr old), so I have some extra time to do these things… I saw a product called Honey Chucks wipes solution. Do any of you know how to make it yourself? I have sensitive skin, so I want to be as gentle on babys skin as I can be… will be cloth diapering, too.
Any tips on this (recipes, how to store the products, how to use them, etc) would be AWESOME ! Links to websites with more info would also be great… :)

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Answer by kspst
I am making my own diaper wipes- I use cheap washclothes cut in half. I toss in w/ my cloth diapers and wash every 3 days. I use about 1tbl. cider vinegar, I tbl. baby soap, 1 tbl. oil (jojoba, baby oil), 4 drops of tea tree oil and a few cups of water. It’s supposed to be good to treat sensitive skin as well as help kill yeast. For moisturizer I use pure jojoba oil, and castile soap (Dr Bronner’s).

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  1. granolamomma25

    First of all- Bravo for you(!) on looking into caring naturally for your baby, and double bravo for cloth!

    I can’t tell you a whole lot about store-bought, but I can help you out with the made-at-home part!

    Baby wipes- my very favorite wipes (they are about 4 years old and going strong) are flannel ones I made. They are about 5×5, double layer, and a snap to sew. You can buy them too, but they’re so easy and cheap to make.

    No need for perfection- I cut rectangles approximately 51/2inx7in, fold them in half (right sides together). I sew down two of the “open” sides, turn them right-side out, flatten them well, turn in the open side and sew all the way around. One wipe, done. You can make them larger if you’d like. Cheap sources of material are old recieving blankets, or an old flannel sheet.

    A no-sew option is paper towels. (see link) Or wash cloths.
    Wipe solution:
    Things like Honey Chunks and the like are neat to use if you’d like, but a wipe solution can be as simple as a few squirts of great-smelling baby wash in boiled water. A few drops of tea tree oil help kick any bacteria. (see links)

    For containers I used a re-purposed wipe container at home, or in the younger days a wipe warmer, and a big ziplock bag for travel.

    I like this recipe for a bath bag for little ones that just don’t need soap yet!!

    Herb and Oats baby bag
    2c powdered oatmeal
    1/2 c each dried chammomile flowers, dried lavendar flowers
    1/4c dried calendula Marigold flowers
    1Tbl each dried lemon balm, dried comfrey leaf.

    Mix all and spoon 4 TBL into a cotton drawstring pouch. Boil a few cups of water on stove with bag inside, pour into baby bath, add water to temperature. Leave bag in, (like a bath tea) and use to wash baby.

    Whew! I think that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head- hope that helps and good luck!

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