how to deal with my post baby body, feeling depressed?

Question by Rosie: how to deal with my post baby body, feeling depressed?
first I ask that you don’t judge me for the way that I feel. I know many woman have come down on me before stating that I’m shallow and only care about “my looks”.

but I am having a very hard time accepting my new body, my son is now 11 months and although I have lost the weight BUT the shape of my body is no longer the same and I am feeling very insecure, I no longer have a nice perky butt and needless to say that there is no waist definition any more, how can I cope with this?

and yes I know my baby is a blessing from god and that I should be feeling very blessed to have this bundle of joy but that is not exactly what i’m looking to hear, loving my new child really has nothing to do with the way i am currently feeling about my body!

any advice?
are there any other websites/support where woman can go and discuss the acceptance of their new bodies?

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Answer by *Baby Dust*
not much advice here, but I just wanted to say I feel the exact same way, I gave birth 3 months ago after gaining a whopping 80 pounds, safe to say my body will be ugly for ever. Just saying your not alone. :) :(

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  1. Dolphin_Blue21

    Well my suggestion would be a couple of things actually:

    Firstly have you tried talking to a professional if it really is depressing you so much, like a counselor or something – dont worry its nothing to be ashamed of many people see counselors for many different reasons!

    The other suggestion would be to maybe start visiting a gym for a while too :) maybe even one that actually has some trainers there they might be able to help you get back in to shape!

    Good luck!

    My main stress with my body is my stretch marks all over my stomach, I’ll never wear a 2 piece swinsuit again :|

  2. Tink's Mommy

    You are not the first nor will you be the last woman to give birth and have issues with her body. The only thing I can suggest is to try some toning exercises to help get things back to close to where they used to be LOL

  3. harley_cowgirl_20

    I know exactly how you feel cuz I feel the exact same way. I’ve never been over 115 lbs and then I was pregnant and got to 146 and now my baby is 3 months and I’m 130. I have to just keep telling myself that’s where my beautiful baby girl came from and someday my stomach will look good again. Pregnancy is hard on a persons body but that just makes me work harder to try to get my body back to somewhat what it was.

  4. NC Princess has had a princess♥

    You’re not alone. My body wasn’t perfect before I got pregnant but I didn’t have as many stretch marks. I actually have learned to deal with it. My husband tells me that I’m beautiful everyday so that helps. There are many exercises you can do while home to help get toned up. Good luck to you!!:)

  5. awkevlin

    Give it time! I lost all my prgnancy weight in about 6 – 8 months of giving birth but my body wasn’t back to it’s normal tone for a couple of years. My breasts, belly and bottom had gone saggy and kind of shrivelled TMI! but after about 18 months they were nice and firm, normal again! I ended up having a better body after my first child than ever before and never once went the gym! Running round after little one and watching what you eat should be enough. I’m now pregnant again and dread all the excess saggy bits after the birth, I’ve put on more weight this time too, but I know that it’ll all get back to normal eventually, and you’ll start to feel a bit more like you and not ‘mum’.
    Good luck take care x

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