How to get revenge on your cheating girlfriend/fiance

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My older brother just recently got engage to his girlfriend who is a huge Aaron Paul fan, and I had a once in a life time opportunity to give the best gift t…


  1. Karim Kraku


  2. mark woodard

    +Melissa Morris actually a wore in many cultures is one who is un pure or
    what we call now a male or female who is not a Virgin while not in wedlock
    a prostitute is someone that is paid for others service’s like sex, many
    people don’t believe in that anymore and wend up with with shows in the US
    like teen mom and before anyone decides to gripe and complain about me look
    at it as if it was you. The one who you found to spend the rest of your
    life with and merry, that they cheated in you with your best friend a
    couple days before the wedding. Please tell me you wouldn’t do what he did.


    would be great if it was real, let me see that shit in real life i would be
    rolling on the floor

  4. Patrick Acosta

    My Dad would definitely laugh too if I got revenge on my fiance! :D roflmao

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