If after a baby shower the baby is stillborn should the gifts be return?

Question by MCLS: If after a baby shower the baby is stillborn should the gifts be return?
10 days after the baby shower, my niece had a doctor’s appointment. At this appointment she was told that her baby was stillborn. Some people have requested their gifts back and some have not. What would be correct to keep them or return them?

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Answer by Waiting on a Baby Boy
I can’t believe anyone would request the gifts back.. Thats ridiculous and kind of cruel since your neice is going through something very tramatic right now. Shame on those!

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  1. Chasity

    I think it is completely rude of some one to ask for their gifts back! She is going through enough. It will probably just hurt her worse.

  2. Brandy

    I think the correct thing is whatever your niece needs to do.

    And I also thing it is ridiculously rude and hurtful to ask for the gifts back!

  3. Monkey Brown

    If she is married and trying for another one soon, I say keep them. I would send a thank you note to each person and let them know that i appreciate their generosity and plan on using gifts in the near future.

    p.s. shame on some people asking for their gifts back during this horrible time for her.

  4. Soon to be mommy of 2!!

    Im not really sure what to do but i know if it were my baby i would never want to come home to a bunch of baby things.But i think its kinda odd for ppl to ask for thier gifts back.

  5. Navy Wife Expecting a girl Nov 2

    simply put, that is so so so wrong of anyone to ask for them back… if anything, they should be sending her their grief, not worrying about getting their money back.

  6. catrina230

    Wow some people have requested their gifts back, honestly? I would give the gifts back and never speak to them again. She should do what she feels best to do, but let her take some time to process what happened and get over her greiving process before she has to start thinking about others.

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