K-E Diet: Brides Using Feeding Tubes Before Wedding

Via ABC News: “Brides-to-be looking to shed that final 10, 15 or 20 pounds in order to fit into their dream wedding gown have taken a controversial approach …
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  1. celialurvsunicorns

    Stop saying people look like freaks with tubes up there noses. 3 of my best
    friends have these tubes bc if stomach paralyzation and I almost needed one
    bc of severe gastrointestinal damage. So think before you speak you
    arrogant jerk

  2. Fred Smoth

    Della and Sophia, I also use and highly recommend the “lose it” app. It’s
    free and very easy and accurate and motivating. Della, it’s impossible to
    eat only 1,000cal per day and walk 6 miles and gain 5lbs per week. Either
    your calorie counting or your mile counts or scale are off, or a
    combination. Get a medical office scale, weigh yourself each am after
    bathroom and log it on paper or the lose it app.

  3. coley5867

    subtitles are not accurate, and very annoying to follow while listening.

  4. Lechiffresix six

    i can imagine girls show up at work with those in their bags. I’m off the
    lunch . then put that tube in the nose.

  5. clemenza1234

    there is a standard of physical beauty in this country that has gotten out
    of control. stop doing this to yourselves……

  6. Smorfty

    Just for the record, you can’t survive on this long term. It’s 10 days max,
    no more.

  7. ListenSilently

    weight loss that doesn’t require exercise and a slow change of eating
    behavior will not last more than a few months at most

  8. Fred Smoth

    All great ideas are first met with mockery, then scorn, and finally
    widespread acceptance. This is going to become the first line approach in
    obese patients. It is just as effective as surgery, ketosis isn’t
    necessarily the key to it, and it is economical (can cost as little as $100
    per treatment) and is safer than surgery. And please, no more “how about
    eat right and exercise” comments. Clearly it isn’t so easy if 40% of the
    industrialized world is obese! This is nothing short of a miracl

  9. Clayton Matias

    I dont see whats bad with the procedure. I completely agree with the black

  10. SupaDupaJetSwag

    Get your fat ass up and exercise, stop eating so much bullshit you are
    guaranteed to lose weight..Just under a year I lose 85 pounds on a
    vegetarian diet and strength training ..I still have a little belly because
    I do like to cheat but my arms and chest are god like…If your gonna eat
    junk at least exercise

  11. Vishal maharzan

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    Loss, but then they saw the results. Google Cosmos Fat Loss to see their

  12. raju kumar

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  13. bin chak

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  14. Salman Rahman

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