Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body in Skinny Jeans – Splash News

Kim Kardashian rocks grey skinny jeans as she joins her sisters Khloe and Kourtney in Los Angeles. Splash brings the hottest, most up-to-date Hollywood stori…
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Tamar Braxton just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Logan Vincent Herbert, only a few weeks ago, but her body is still bangin’! How’d she do it?! Listen…


  1. Linda York

    I wish people would stop slamming these stars for gaining weight in their
    pregnancys- leave them the hell alone…good for her she is losing weight-
    without Jenny Craig who says they want real woman- give me a break- most
    woman cannot afford their food and still buy food for their family
    and..does it taste pretty good yes, and convenient – yes, they make it very
    easy ..I used to work there, but you have to stay on it- cause you will
    gain weight back after yes, unless you are really committed, the counseling
    is just put in place to make sure you keep coming back and to order your
    food- so they make sure you don’t stop- but the food is too expensive for
    most working moms-which is why I quit- weight loss – is such a personal
    journey and one that womaen anguish over..the only way to do it
    successfully is to exercise , eat healthy and often-lots of water and eat
    less calories than you take in..and do a variety of exercises..and if you
    want a ice cream every now and then -do it-cause otherwise it wiill be all
    you can think off- then when you are done losing weight it will become all
    you want for the reward..then you gain back more than what you lost..and if
    you don’t like to exercise walk! and finally – be in the zone doing it for
    you -noone else!

  2. trinity perkins

    +Lynda Domino she actually was that thick brown belt sucked her in and if
    you look at all her pics from the bet awards when she was walking her
    thighs look like she just had a baby. And her hips were wider to

  3. Lynda Domino

    Glad she finally admitted wearing Spanx. After BET awards, she claimed on
    Twitter she only had on underwear & a bra. Gotta be real, if your show is
    called The Real.

  4. down4guyana

    i love her shes pretty and shes the only latina at the table. representing
    for us.

  5. nyeelah inniss

    Yassssssssss i love seeing Tamar she belongs in tv and music so going to
    add Atlanta to the list

  6. The Real Daytime

    Hey Everyone!! “The Real” is only airing in select cities for the time
    being! If we do well this summer, we will be back in Fall 2014!! So, show
    some REAL support!!! Spread the word!

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