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7 Great Things About the 2014 Boston Marathon
The handmade blue and yellow scarves are by far the best keepsakes of the race. When my wife and I picked ours up, we looked around for a donation bin. There was nothing—they were just gifts from the people all over the world who made those scarves.
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Beyoncé & Jay Z REJECTED Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding
We're sure they're both bummed about having two less chic guests at their romantic, over-the-top affair, but if there is anything we know about Kimye, it is their love for extravagant gifts! Well done, you two! [Image via WENN.] Tags: beyonce, jay z …

2014 Ford F-150 Tremor Test Drive
One that paid off handsomely, I should add; the powerful, efficient motor is now the top choice among F-150 buyers and about to spawn a new, smaller 2.7-liter version for the 2015 trucks. So the Tremor is … As parting gifts go, the Tremor is pretty …
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