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Len’s best friend, Kim, thinks Alina is scamming him. | For more, visit http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance/#mkcpgn=yttlc1 Watch Len & Alina’s Exclusiv…
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  1. neato mosque

    “I think I’m a smart enough guy to know if I’m being scammed or not.” So
    does everybody who gets scammed, Len. 

  2. TheBizgurl

    she is so jealous of the russian girl..and im sure when she gets here,she
    will treat her poorly.

  3. Sam Frodo

    he is a old fart pervert- he deserve every inch of it, good Alina use him
    as much as you can!!

  4. MrOcto13

    Jealous is Kim, he wants to bang Len and take his money. All women have
    the same agenda. Foreign women are just smoother at it the domestic women
    here in the US.

  5. meowsha

    The US girl is just jealous. But look at her compared to the Russian one,
    looks like an ugly dog. And why the fuck does the US dog deserve a lavish
    lifestyle and the Russian not? It’s not the Russian’s fault that she comes
    from there!

  6. Giovanni Masi

    WTF? I think if KIM (his best friend) dolls herself up: Kim would be

  7. Sandra Anderson

    She sooo jealous that she cannot help herself. When my husband and I met we
    faced the same judgment…he is American I am Brazilian…we have been
    happy marriage for 11 years….

  8. janet johnson

    No matter where someone is from,dating and chatting on the net is always
    risky.You take chances in life and they either work or they don’t,yet
    coming from that should be something gained.Just from this small bit of
    this episode,it feels as if she is jealous of him marrying….so if she IS
    jealous,then I’m wondering if she has told him her feelings about him,and
    if that would change anything?There’s just a lot that we DON’t get to
    see.Either way,I hope they are happy.

  9. santadonkey

    this Russian chick is going to bolt the minute the ring is on the
    finger….I think the business partner has a think for len…..its all a
    scam!!! dude..youre almost 50…bang as much as you can…..marriage is a

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