Looking for customer reviews for Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals?

Question by : Looking for customer reviews for Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals?
Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Baby Einstein: Neighborhood Animals

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Answer by Housewife
I have it…it’s ok I guess, as good as any of the others. Not very educational if that’s what your after, just as educational as any TV show.

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  1. Jeanette

    When Baby Einstein started its “video board books” in 1997, the company was virtually alone in the field of baby development. By its sixth video, the field has become crowded with similar-sounding titles. Now scientists might be able to analyze what a baby will get out of a video like Baby Dolittle compared to Baby Van Gogh, but is it worth getting more baby videos? Absolutely–babies love variety as much as their adult counterparts. On that level, Baby Dolittle scores. The theme of animals is a natural, and this show should cause squeals of delight from little ones 1 to 4 years old. Using a stimulating mix of brightly colored toys, whimsical puppets (including your host, Pavlov the Dog), and lots of pictures, Baby Dolittle takes the viewer on a 30-minute tour of commonly found animals. Help your little pal spot a pig on the farm or a dog in the house. Baby Dolittle uses animals’ sounds, kids’ drawings, and photography for each animal in four habitats. The natural settings and original, bright recordings of Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakov, Vivaldi, and others should make this a favorite every time you want to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm. Followed by a companion production, Baby Dolittle World Animals. –Doug Thomas

    Product Description
    BABY EINSTEIN(R) uses real-world objects, music, art, language, science, and nature to expose young children to the world around them in playful, enriching ways. Our nature series, including WORLD ANIMALS and this irresistible title, NEIGHBORHOOD ANIMALS, captures the spirit of a child’s fascination with animals. NEIGHBORHOOD ANIMALS takes your little one a field trip around the house, to the farm, and down the river to see dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, horses, and pigs, and will mesmerize children with stimulating, colorful images and delightful puppetry. All BABY EINSTEIN titles are set to music specially reorchestrated for little ears. You and your child will love our wonderful versions of classic compositions by Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Vivaldi. We encourage you to watch this video with your child and enjoy the sights and sounds together.

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