Mommies – Have you lost your baby weight?

Question by Beach Mom x 3 is in Florida!: Mommies – Have you lost your baby weight?
I am proud to say that I have! I have always had a very high metabolism and still do. When I got pregnant with Maya and Lacey, I only weighed 100 pounds (I am very short). During the pregnancy, I ate as healthy as possible (although I did splurge) but a lot of the healthy stuff. I had the girls and then 1 week after, I started exercising. I lost my 30 pounds of baby fat. With Cara, I gained 17 pounds and exercised throughout my pregnancy. After, I had her, I immediately began to work out. I soon lost the weight. I realize that I am lucky and a lot of mommies keep the baby weight forever. I am just wondering, have you lost yours?
I meant 35 pounds with the twins and 17 with my singleton. SORRY!
I am not bragging! I lose weight so fast, that it is UNHEALTHY for me. I have to eat fatty foods to maintain a good weight. I didn’t gain much in pregnancy and my girls weighed 2.3 pounds, 2 pounds, and 3.6 pounds. They all ended up in the NICU for a very long time. I lost my weight so quickly because I was stressed. I am not trying to brag, I guess that is just how I am. I’m sorry. I don’t mean it. Sorry for feeling happy about myself. WHen I was younger, I had eating disorders, thinking I was fat, when I was clearly not! I finally started eating all the fat that I need to stay at 100 pounds. It is embarrassing to be so light at my age. Many 13 year olds are heavier than me. I am NOT proud of my weight, just happy that I could lose the baby weight. I had heard it was hard to lose it. People on here are so judgmental. I question whether I should leave this site. I will leave for tonight. WHo knows if I will be back. Sorry to anyone that I offended.

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Answer by noworries898
You sound very concerned with your health which is good but sheesh you toot your horn so loudly it’s hard to be happy for you. And yes I lost the weight without being a hyperactive nut about it

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  1. Joshua and Ashley

    I hope to lose mine. I’ve gained 15lbs up to 37.1 weeks, then lost 3lbs, and didnt gain anything. Im now 39 weeks…

    I miss my morning jog :( It’s sad to say. But honestly I dont think right after I have my baby, that I will care if I lose my weight. Im just glad to have my daughter…but maybe a month and a half thennnn Ill be all joggy joggy walky walky. lol But I dont think Ill ever stick to a diet…Im not that kinda person.

  2. Spider w

    Your “questions” always have a braggy air about them and seem to be veiled attempts at flattery begging, so I think from now on, I will avoid any questions from you. Have a good day.

  3. Erin B

    YOU ROCK! With my first I gained 26 and lost it in the first 6 wks after baby arrived. With my second I wasn’t so lucky. My baby was very sick with a rare stomach problem that basically starved her. By the time she was better and gaining weight (about six months) I was actually 20lbs up from my full term pregnancy weight. It took me a year to drop most of it. This time around I am hoping things go a bit more smooth.

  4. TwoLeftFeet

    Ive gained 35lbs so far and im due today.

    To be honest, i’ll lose it when I lose it. I’m in no mad rush to diet after my baby is born. In fact I wont even diet! I’ll just eat as I did before I was pregnant which was healthy nutritious stuff. I only weighed 9st 7lbs before I was pregnant and im tall. My main concern is giving all my attention to my child 24/7 without having to worry what I look like.

    EDIT: Miaow at spider!! I dont think the asker is ‘bragging’ at all. Good on her for being able to lose the weight. She could be good for tips for some of us!! Women are so bit*hy man.

  5. ♥Coltens Mommy♥

    HA! Well LUCKY YOU! I was teensy before I got pregnant 5’7 and 105 pounds, gained about 45 pounds when I was pregnant and only lost about 25 of it, so yeah I am about 122 and have about 10 more pounds to go be4 I get to my goal weight.

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