Mommies…how did you lose your pregnancy weight?

Question by Mommy: Mommies…how did you lose your pregnancy weight?
Before I got pregnant, I was 140lbs. Since I finished breastfeeding my daughter 3 months ago, I have been eating a very healthy diet and exercising every day, but my weight is stuck around 165-170lbs (I’m 5’8″, so not totally overweight, but not totally healthy either).

I have lost this much weight before (when I was 23 after the freshman 30 had been there through my sophmore, junior, and senior years…lol) doing the same thing as I’m doing now. Why isn’t my body responding? Do moms really need to work that much harder to lose the weight?

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Answer by anissia
gave birth . Kids are a lot of excercise after a while , when yuor pregnant you get into the hait of eating more and being hungrier try to go back to your old ways of eating. take the baby for walks it will eventually come off give it time.

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  1. tonilynne

    Maybe you are not realizing how much you are really eating, or tasting your daughters food when making it ect, all those little extra calories make a huge difference. Eating healthy like all fruits, veggies & white meats? Nothing deep fried, processed from a can or box or full of sugar? How much have you been exercising and what have you been doing? I was 145 when I got pregnant with my daughter and when she was 6 months old I was down to 135.5 ish, almost at the 10lb marker (Then I got pregnant again! argh!). Anyway you may just have to kick it up a notch, I was running 4 miles (2 uphill and then 2 back down) 5x a week, and still walking my dog about a mile with the stroller the other 2 days a week. It was a lot of work but I dropped the weight. You have to really really watch what you are eating very closely though, a lot of people don’t realize how much they are snacking throughout the day, or how much condiments they are putting on their food ect.
    You can email me if you have any questions :) Good luck!
    Toni Lynne

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