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Mommy Apps Best Mommy Apps, App Reviews Blog

Mommy Apps Best Mommy Apps, App Reviews Blog

I use these mommy apps all the time. They are the best mommy apps ever. X0X0 Renae. ♥♥♥ Mentions ♥♥♥…


  1. Renae Christine

    Really? There’s that many people who love it? I listen to it while I get
    ready in the morning sometimes.

  2. Renae Christine

    I ain’t gunna pretend that I have it harder than you. I used to work
    similar hours and when I finally got to stay home with the kids it felt so
    nice. When Jury Duty ended I had that same feeling again of “awww, I don’t
    have to go anywhere in the morning.” I know a lot of mothers complain and
    it can be really difficult but there’s a different weariness when you have
    to work a 12 hour job like that and then come home and realize you have
    your own list to tend too. Sorry Jeff. :(

  3. Robbie Goddard

    i sent this video to my pinterest board Pictures of Mothering :) I put
    Colin DeBri’ on there yesterday too.

  4. Robbie Goddard

    hey, that Pandora Radio is awesome, i never heard of it before. i entered
    Acoustic Alchemy and it’s just keeping on playing really cool music. love
    it. thanks :) Poor Tom Renae, he’s missing his lamps, isn’t there something
    you can do to ease his discomfort?

  5. Tom Cote

    and as we research through the annals of youtube history we stumble into
    the famous Renae Christine’s blue period…..the color was never the same…

  6. Tom Cote

    you HAVE to find recordings from the original Dukes Of Dixieland – I bet
    your husband knows who there were!!

  7. Renae Christine

    rofl. Around Christmas time this year I’ll use that fun lamp from A
    Christmas Story, then the spark will return.

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