My Pregnancy Diet!

Welcome to Vlogmas 2013! I am uploading videos everyday for the month of December. For Day 11 I filmed another What I Ate Wednesday! This is basically where …
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  1. Shannon Professional Aesthetician

    A little caffeine isn’t going to harm the baby. Unless her dr would suggest
    otherwise :) But a pinch is okay. It’s having it boat loads and daily that
    would cause baby issues. 

  2. direniş heryerde

    Emilia’s smile make me feel alive and make me happy,i want to see her
    little face everyday,you have amazing baby Anna

  3. angel

    it would be kind of cool if you could incorporate tiny clips of you making
    the food that you eat :)!!

  4. Cee N

    Emilia off-camera: *soft cries*
    Emilia on-camera: (giggles and overload of cuteness)

  5. Raquel Rodriguez

    I think I heard Emilia singing or talking to herself in the background. How
    precious! And that dinner looked yummy. Send some of that over to The USA
    for me, please. :-)

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