new mommy trying to lose weight?

Question by : new mommy trying to lose weight?
My baby is now 7 months old. So its time for me to lose baby weight. All 50 lbs of it!! Can anyone tell me what workouts to try and maybe some healthy easy snacks. Thanks for the tips!

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Answer by Justin-Tara
I don’t understand why women think its hard to lose the baby weight… I’m 23 and a mother of 2 and am 5foot6 and 120lbs and don’t look like I’ve had children. I’ve always gone on walks 3-7 days a week, eat whatever I want (pizza 2-5 days a week) breastfeed both children and within each baby being 1 week old I’m back to normal weight (gained about 60lbs with each child as well, and have size DD breasts with a size 2 waist)

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  1. hhhj

    a friend told me that the best way to lose baby weight is walking. don’t know how true it is but it couldn’t hurt to try. good luck!

  2. ♥Momma 06.01.2012♥

    I didn’t want to know how much weight I gained during my pregnancy (have a huge insecurity about my number) so I think for the little bit I did find out I gained around 25-30lbs and so far from pumping (i pump+do formula) and walking 2-3times a week and avoid fast food and pop most of the time I have 10-15 lbs left before I back to around my pre pregnancy weight (I weighed myself 6months before I got pregnant so not 100% what my weight was) it could be because I’m 20 I lost it so fast I don’t know. Good luck!!

  3. Mama Doula

    Try ten minute trainer. Fast workouts, but they can be kind of intense. Great for new moms who don’t have much time. As for diets, I love my Paleo diet. Look it up. It’s pretty much only eating lean meats, fruits, and veggies. I lose 6lbs a week. Pretty great. No sugar, salt, dairy, or grains.

  4. Blondie

    I think Justin-Tara needs to get over herself and realize not every woman’s bodies recover as quick as that, she’s just an ignorant, cocky moron who’s likely been a stick all her life and doesn’t appreciate the curvier woman.
    Cut out sugary treats and limit yourself to one carb a day. Eat plenty of white meats like fish and chicken and eat plenty of veg. If you can afford it, join a gym and use the treadmill, cross trainer and stepper to uliminate baby weight. If you can’t afford that a simple walk or speed walk would do you great! Good luck and hope it goes well! Don’t be too hard on yourself because being a mother is a busy job and you can only push yourself so far!x

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