new native baby carrier reviews? 10 points?

Question by : new native baby carrier reviews? 10 points?
ill be using it for the hip carry position for a 9 month old, pretty calm and about 20 lbs. thanks (:
ill mostly just be using it for navigating through an airport 4 different times so im not willing to drop a ton of cash.. her stroller works fine everywhere else this time it will just me my daughter and i flying alone and i cant taker her stroller everywhere we’ll be going.

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Answer by Zsofia
I have been using a sling evet since my baby was born(1year old now) and I must say its a blessing!!!! Knowing that my baby is perfectly safe,happy to feel me,being cuddled without actually being held AND I have my hands free is amazing! I can only say good things about it! And its good for my back as well as it spreads the weight of my baby evenly! Hope this helps!

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  1. Bobbi

    A ring sling might be found cheap in a re-sale shop. Look for name brands, but some Maya slings were recalled (check for recalls of you choose a used maya ring sling). Plus, try the sling out a few times before you go. I prefer the Ergo carrier for a child this weight, but they go about $ 80 used. They sell quick on eBay! might be an option to get one, then sell when you don’t need it. I’m still using ours with the 2 yr old on my back.

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