The Wedding of Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly Our first YouTube video as Mr and Mrs Saccone Joly http://www.twitter.com/JonathanJoly http://www.twitter.com/A…


  1. alexandra louise

    I ended up here from watching the vlog of the birth of your son. Can’t
    believe you’ve came so far, your family is beautiful ❤️

  2. ohiomommy330

    Anna always seems very cold and void of a PERSONALITY. She’s kind of
    boring. Very plain jane wedding, the location was the best part. The view
    from their room was breathtaking.

  3. ChileChiller

    Is the wedding cake a JOKE??? Sorry, but I make more beautiful cakes for
    simple birthday parties.

  4. Zoe Gonzalez

    No they didnt…You can get married in another country and not have to
    remarry again in the same country….My family friends got married in
    Jamaica and didnt have to do anything else ?

  5. Emily Smith

    It’s so interesting to watch you guys and see how different things are in
    y’alls culture as compared to the United States.. Y’all are precious!!

  6. AndSoWeLaughed

    Wow. Being a mother has really changed your appearance. I’ve only seen your
    post-baby vlogs (from when Em was born) and you guys!! You have maternal
    and paternal glow. Anna you’re so pretty now and Jofee lost some weight
    (though I think you looked fine before!)

  7. Rebecca Self

    Anna you looked so beautiful – like a mix between Jennifer Lopez and Julia
    Roberts! Such a lovely wedding! You both look so in love :) Best of luck in
    the future!

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