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A Christmas Miracle

So for Christmas this past year, I wanted to get Jessica something beautiful – something that she would never expect, and moreover would be able to one-up pr…
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  1. Agatha Percins

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  2. Naked Zombies on Skates

    Thats how you know that she appreciated the little things when she was a
    kid. That teddy was really well loved <3

  3. Mike McRoberts

    Really nice video but such a shame you decided to record such an important
    event whilst holding your phone the wrong way around.

    Unless of course you’ve mounted your PC monitors and TV’s vertically to
    watch it, in which case, carry on.

  4. traderjoes

    Id like to know how the bear was rediscovered. Was it at her parents house,
    hidden away and forgotten? I had a bear as a kid and do not know what
    became of it, but I search eBay occasionally for vintage bears to see if I
    recognize one, and wonder about how these things happen. 

  5. Jay N

    Beautiful, it really is. There are times people mock others for having
    possessions that mean a lot to them and think were selfish as we grow
    older, even toys for that matter. But it truly shows how much we really
    care and in emotion, we show how valuable such things are to us. Just
    another great video to watch and share those nostalgic feelings of our
    younger days to even today!

  6. Maren Tanner

    This honestly made me cry! I totally know what it’s like to be so attached
    to your childhood stuffed animals. Good job, man! That was so sweet! :)

  7. Vas Alli

    If any of you are interested in watching our interview on Inside Edition
    (tonight) or Monday on FOX 5 NY … def tune in to get the full story and see
    the our candid interview :)

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