Post Baby Body 2

Loosing weight slowly. So far I have been aiming for 1lb a week. I have been counting calories and going to spinning 3 times a week.
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Kim Kardashian is out and about showing off her post baby weight loss as she joins Kanye West on his Yeezus tour. STORY LINK: ———-…
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  1. Anyop Makol

    North West Is the stupidest name ever I think north west might get bully
    when she gose to school because her name is Wied thats my opinion 

  2. Stephen Barnes

    I though North West was a boy until she said otherwise…
    Thank you…stupid names 


    when is this no talint bitch go away!….the whole family is fucked in the

  4. Shmalimoo FT.

    I know I’m the one that clicked on the video but this is the only reason
    why I just wonna say… NO ONE CARES! there are plenty more beautiful women
    on the planet and Kim is just some rich dumb bimbo that just wants
    attention like most celebs like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber and so what if
    she’s in a bikini there’s a chance that there are a lot of women with the
    same body but does anyone talk about it on the news… NO so stop talking
    about random BS like this and talk abt something that’s WORTH LISTENING TO
    and REPORT ON! That’s all I have to say, OH and if she didn’t want
    attention she shouldn’t care what other people think. Someone says she’s
    ugly well just deal with it. There are worse things to be upset about.

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