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  1. melzerr1

    Hi Bex, I was wondering if you could do a video showing a good whole body
    toning gym workout. My husband bought me a gym membership and I’m just not
    quite sure how to design a good workout there. Thanks for your help.

  2. faithkp

    Yay! You posted it :-) I love my baby carrier! I strap him on all the time.
    Sweat looks great on you by the way :-) Healthy, healthy. Looks like you
    have a nice mellow baby girl! She is adorable.

  3. melzerr1

    Great to hear from you again! Can’t wait for your next video on the
    trampoline workout. I have a rebounder and use it but not as often as I
    should. Am looking forward to your workout that will motivate me to use it
    again. Thanks. I also hope that you post some more yoga videos as I have
    enjoyed those as well. I have to say that I agree with your comment about
    22 year olds. I’m in my early 40’s and know that my body is not what it was
    when I was that age–staying fit takes more work…

  4. Chels33a

    I love these workout diary posts! yayyy :) awh poor baby looks exhausted
    and all sweaty just as much hahah!

  5. Rebekah Borucki

    @melzerr1 I’ll try to work with one with my trainer (yes, I have someone to
    kick my butt, too!). Thanks for commenting :) xoxo

  6. ajwoolfie

    I just have to say that I LOVE your videos! I am a vegan stay at home mom
    who strives to be as green as possible. I am so glad I found your channel.
    Couldn’t agree more about watching 22 year olds working out. I don’t have
    time to spend 2 hours doing cardio every day. Anyway, I have a question
    (though I am not sure if this is the best place to ask it). I am still
    breastfeeding my 20 month old son, and am still trying to lose the last
    10lbs of baby weight. Suggestions? Thanks! :)

  7. Rebekah Borucki

    @melzerr1 It definitely gets harder as you get older (and harder with every
    kid), but it also feels better when you get all those amazing compliments
    for being so fit! I absolutely love my new rebounder and can’t wait to get
    on it more (my neighbors think I’m crazy).

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