Post pregnancy baby weight :(?

Question by : Post pregnancy baby weight :(?
My daughters now 10 months old, I was breast feeding but had stopped trying after just one week due to her not getting enough milk. I was 125 pre pregnancy and now I’m up to 142 since :( I don’t have time to workout due to her keeping me busy and her father works different shifts so I don’t have anyone to watch her so I can make gym time. Is there any way to lose about 20-30 pounds without beig about to workout as much as I should be? I’m only 4’11” so I’m feeling like a pumpkin haha. Any help would be appreciated!

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Answer by Spot of Tea
Most of weight loss has to do with what and how much you eat. So, going on a diet is probably on the horizon. And exercising doesn’t mean having to hit the gym. I HATE the gym and dislike most people in it. Get that baby out and take long walks or do aerobic DVDs during nap time. No easy way to do it safely.

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