Post Pregnancy Body Update: Battle of the Bulge

Post Pregnancy Body Update: Battle of the Bulge


  1. lyriclove22

    I love watching your videos regardless! However, these videos couldn’t be
    at a better time for me since I am expecting too! I’m barely 4 months but
    your vids are preparing me! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Journeythrough3

    We/I had 3 babies in 4 yrs and I nursed all 3. I guess I was the exception,
    because nursing didn’t magically shed my pounds. And it wasn’t the
    magically birth control pill…3 in 4 yrs..we love our teenaged girls.
    However, when the time came to shed the weight, I too started with walking,
    then jogging with the jogging stroller and everything else just fell into
    place. However, I never got a chance to get “fine” in between but at 46 got
    my body back, lots of stretch marks but I look at them as blessings. Good
    luck mama on ur journey.

  3. KEEDI904

    Breastfeeding will make the extra pounds just fall off. It burns a lot of
    calories and it helps your uterus get back to size. I breastfed both my
    boys and snapped back within 2 months

  4. Meg V

    Dr Sebi is amazing! I went to a couple of his lectures. His personal story
    is unbelievable. I became vegan soon after learning about him and doing a
    week long detox. I felt amazing afterwords and stuck with a plant based
    lifestyle. I haven’t gotten to Dr Sebi’s level, like you mentioned carrots,
    lol. But eventually that is my goal. I will say if you’re used to
    meat/dairy, you will lose some weight if you cut them out even if only for
    10 days. And its very possible, when done right, to maintain good health as
    well as the necessary nutrients for your baby. Blessings!!

  5. BeautyBattle2010

    Hi Peeks, i used wheat germ oil massage base from holland & Barrett’s on my
    skin during and after the birth. It works really well. 

  6. carrieb1027

    Dr. Sebi is amazing. Many people don’t know that he was sued by the state
    of NY for claiming to cure aids cancer herpes and other deceases claiming
    to have no cure and won! He was able to prove it and the case was kept as
    quiet as possible. Research people! Jah had provided as promised! 

  7. Honeythemodel1

    Hi! I love your videos. Thank u for them. I am an independent distributor
    for It Works. I would love to help you on your journey to tighten, tone and
    firm after giving birth. My products are made with all natural ingredients
    and you’ll be back in shape in no time. Please see my before and after
    pictures of my clients on my Instagram page @inshapewithsharee and email me
    so I can tell you in detail about my products, the best ones for you and
    get your body tight and right. I also gave a meal plan too. I hope to here
    from you.

  8. Damina Rajoon

    You should try belly banding, I hear its a great way to help flatten the
    belly after giving birth!

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