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  1. Lisa Whyton

    I have the same baby monitor. U can change the settings so u can turn the
    alarm off so its just a normal baby monitor. I had to do it with mine.

  2. tbhandarijonas

    Jeez I know, I cant believe they gave her the baby pizzas to eat. Like that
    baby eats more processed and preservative filled food in a week than I do
    in a month. maybe thats why she was a bit heavier before she started
    crawling, she was retaining water with all that damn sodium she had. Poor
    baby.. now theyre going to ruin another kid

  3. Mark Miner

    Well i’m an adult and a parent and in my opinion, and i have a right to say
    what i want too, i don’t think you’re setting a very good example to your
    children by calling people, you really don’t know, “money hungry losers.” I
    really don’t see what scam they are trying to pull. They vlog their life
    and they don’t really hide anything from us so maybe you could elaborate
    what the scam is???

  4. 33EMS

    I was just pointing out that your statement that they do “nothing wrong” is
    incorrect by giving an example. No, she is not going to die from it but it
    is kinda wrong. The dogs may not have hurt her yet (one “only” peed on her
    head), but I would not let my baby with a dog that sometimes growls at her.
    Even if you are in the same room, there is no way you could be there fast
    enough to pull your kid away. And oh yeah, the bowls are not moved.

  5. tbhandarijonas

    Jeez I know.. Did you see him having his… idk what to even call it in
    todays vlog the first 10 seconds? like wtf. And I agree, sometimes
    parenting does NOT come naturally.. but then you need to realize you cant
    just let your spouse do everything and you sit back and laze around all
    day. If you can’t help take care of your kid, give sole custody or dont
    have them at all. Its like shes ruining Emilias life for ruining hers
    (getting pregnant, being the main attention from everyone, cuter, etc)

  6. Panashe Ndlovu

    the best way to get rid of a cold is to have hot water lemon, honey poured
    into the hot water

  7. Mark Miner

    Actually only Jonathan has a job, he owns his only animation company or
    something like that, and he works from home doing that. Technically Anna
    has a job too, doing vlogs lol No need for maternity leave if you are home
    all the time. Just sayin.

  8. tbhandarijonas

    Yet they dont take her to the hospital when she actually passes out because
    of embarassment. Right.

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