Pretty Mama – Boxer Babe! After Baby Pt.1! Great fat burning workout for beginners and new mommies!

Pretty Mama – Boxer Babe! After Baby Pt.1! Great fat burning workout for beginners and new mommies!


  1. 757chaneal

    Your sister was wrong. You look great after the baby. This was great
    opportunity to show how to get bacj into sharp gradually post giving birth.
    There is so much pressure from celebrities because of how fast they bounce
    back but everyone is different. I think its unrealistic to push your body
    back into shape so soon after birth. I know people have to uphold certain
    reputations, but this shows that you can take your time and be just as

  2. TiffanyRotheWorkouts

    Here is my workout 3 months after giving birth. This is an awesome fat
    burner, let me know how you like it :)

  3. Lucky Blessed

    You look pretty good for having a baby. I admire that you are honest and
    can encourage women to get back in shape after the birth of a baby.

  4. Shaniece Simpson

    I wish I had this 3 years ago after my baby but I’m still going to do this.
    you are such a beautiful person Tiffany I love your workouts.

  5. Sandra Carli

    One problem to get fit again is the loss of sleep, I think. Babies bring
    our body rhythm upside down.

  6. wolfravenz

    Tiffany you ROCK!!! I’m glad you put the videos out, definitely helped me
    out with my own weight insecurities after childbirth, as I’m sure it will
    help others too. You are truly inspirational…….Keep Shining !

  7. randii brew

    Can’t wait to try this out tomorrow, been struggling with my mid section
    the most and I’m excited to try this. Thanx!! :-)

  8. Brittany Campbell

    I jus had my baby 6mnths ago n I weigh 176 lbs as of now. Me n my sister
    hav bn lookin n2 gettin fit n wrkin out. I hav a pudge Loll but Im goin 2
    try ur workout vids. I’m new 2 this n I’m so xcitd dat I ran across ur
    videos. I hav faith dat I’m goin 2 get da results I want. Thanx Tiffany.

  9. Ayisha S

    I have been working out with you for about 3 months and your workouts have
    begun to tone me and actually shape me up! I am a plus size woman and I
    thank you for making workouts for beginners to attach themselves to without
    giving up or filling overwhelmed! God Bless You and I appreciate your

  10. Randa AbuAli

    i see positive comments and it gives me hope .. thank you for these
    workouts .. but if i want to loose at least 7 kgs … is it enough to do it
    once everyday ?

  11. trakeya51

    3 months after baby?? no disrespect to your family, but ur sister was being
    a hater when she said u shouldnt put these vids up.. i have a 3 yr old and
    i WISH i looked like u when she was 3 months.. shoot just the energy to get
    off my butt to do this would have been AWESOME! thanks for this…u r

  12. Jordan Risin

    You looked fantastic and I’m glad you put the video up. I’m going to do
    this in the morning. 

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