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So i asked a ? earlier about my milk supply well i’ve decided im going to try a different pump the one i have just doesnt have much suction, the one i have now is the lansinoh electric double breast pump which i spent about 160.00 on.i need advice on what pump to buy- im a full time working mommy,so it will be used alot. Also if you could give an estimated price(thanks)
im thinking about a medela

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Medela pump n style i have heard great things about however is used an AMEDA elite but it’s extremely expensive but you can rent one froma hospital- i pumped for work using that for a year

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  1. NUGirl. Liam came 6 weeks early!

    We bought a medela pump in style, it was about $ 250. But you should contact some Lactation Consultants in your area. I know at least one here in Chicago who will let you come and try out a variety of pumps to see which one works best for you before you buy.

    I have had a ton of trouble with my milk supply, despite pumping every 2-3 hours since his birth, thinking warm loving thoughts, massaging breasts, warm compresses etc. Eventually a lactation consultant diagnosed me with “insufficient glandular tissue” meaning I just dont have enough to make a full supply of milk no matter what I do.

    But I have found Mothers Milk Plus (capsules avail at Whole Foods) really helped me. I also went on a prescription for reglan (about $ 20 for 2 week supply) that has also helped increase my production. I used to only be able to pump one ounce, and now I can at least get two.

    Hope that helps!

  2. WHO

    I would get the Medela Freestyle. It’s very small and completely hands-free, so you can do other things while you pump. It’s about $ 380 at Target and other places, but I got a brand new one on ebay for $ 270 and that included shipping. I loved it!

  3. mystic_eye_cda

    Don’t rule out renting a pump, it can actually work out cheaper in the long run depending on how long you pump for. And of course if a rental breaks you don’t have to replace it, you just get a new one and keep paying the rental fee.
    What are my opinions on pumps?

    The electric pumps I’ve used (in order of my preference)

    Ameda Egnell Purely yours

    Ameda Egnell Lact-E (rental)

    Medela Pump in Style 98

    Medela Classic (rental)

    I’ve also tried the Ameda Egnell hand pump, with moderate success.

    Check out my pump comparison between the Purely Yours and the Pump in Style.

    I’ve heard really good things about the Avent Isis, and if I wanted a hand pump for semi regular to regular use, or if I was on a strict budget, that’s what I’d try first.
    2. Professional-grade. Professional grade pumps are nearly as effective as hospital-grade pumps, but they’re far more affordable at about $ 250. They’re intended for single-patient use only, as they don’t have the filtering systems that the hospital grade pumps do. As with the hospital-grade pumps, moms can single- or double-pump. The attachment kits for each brand (Medela, Ameda-Egnell) are the same as for the hospital-grade, making it convenient for moms to buy one after having rented a pump. These pumps are made for daily use, and typically last for at least two years. The only two pumps I’d put in this category are:
    bulletThe Medela Pump In Style. It’s been out for about two years now, and has an excellent reputation. It comes in an attractive shoulder bag that looks a lot like an attaché that has room for all the bitty parts and includes a separate insulated compartment for milk. Moms can adjust suction levels.
    bulletThe Purely Yours, a brand-new pump from Ameda-Egnell. It’s lighter than the Pump In Style and enables mom to adjust both speed and suction. The pump is able to be removed from the bag, which is a sportier bag than the Pump In Style’s. Reports from a group of moms in a test group I assembled are not as positive as for the Pump In Style. This pump is a bit less expensive than the Pump In Style and certainly is adequate, but even though I sell both pumps, I still recommend the Pump In Style because of more even reviews. (DANIE’S NOTE, OCT 2: For some reason, the Purely Yours is unavailable from the manufacturer right now. No word on why, or how long it’ll be.)
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