Q&A: Homosexual children product of a single parent home?

Question by Dr. Dawson: Homosexual children product of a single parent home?
I am part of a group called Foundation for Family Awareness and we had a meeting on Friday afternoon the topic question was Homosexual Children, are they a product of single teen mothers?

now i’m asking that question here, what do you think?
davya85 – I gave my sons thier names.

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Answer by 21 & Lovin’ It!
I don’t see the correlation.

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  1. Erica

    ehhhh show me some sort of correlation and I might look into it. But as of now, I don’t believe environment has anything to do with homosexuality, I believe its in the genes.

  2. nana

    I find your question to be absolutely invalid. If you look at your statistics that is far from it. Are you sure you are doing a research?

  3. Timid Women Rarely Make History

    No. I don’t think either of them have anything to do with the other. Many people with different sexual orientations come from ‘stable’ homes with a mother and father and even siblings.

  4. Jackie

    Yes, and the product of stable, married, heterosexual homes, and the product of the adoption system, and a product of being human in general.

    Sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it’s nurture. I know gay people who have, according to all these “experts”, no good reason for being gay/lesbian. I know people who are gay because of life experiences, good or bad, but most of my gay and lesbian friends are actually from stable nuclear or extended family homes that, for all intents and purposes, are “normal”. Making fake correlations isn’t going to answer the question.

  5. AmberWh

    omg no… I have an aunt that is bi sexual and came from a married household and her parents were NOT teens… she has two sons of her own and they are NOT gay.. and i know some mothers that had children when they were teens and their children aren’t gay either.

    This will be amazing to you but my great grandmother was never married and had 3 children, she in her later years was actually a pillar in her community…and no, her children were not homosexual either.

  6. ~Aislings Mum~ ♥09.25.08♥

    What do you have against single teen mothers? You seem really bitter towards them.
    And to answer your question, no I don’t think homosexual children are a product of a single teen mother. Homosexuality has nothing to do with their family situation.

  7. Emma W

    Nature vs. Nurture is understandable to ask, but homosexuals coming from all single teen mothers? No. The assumption is ignorant: look at all children of single teen mothers and then look at homosexuals’ parents. It doesn’t occur because of that.

  8. Bze

    It doesn’t matter what kind of home you come from. People are attracted to whomever their hearts desire. I came from a single parent home and I’m straight. My best friend lived in a two parent household and she is (what i like to call) “not gender picky”

  9. davya85

    Doesn’t make sense. There are plenty of heterosexual people that had single teen mothers (take my HUSBAND for example) and plenty of homosexual people that had married adults for parents.

    EDIT: I just scanned your profile and noticed that you have “four adopted children” and oddly enough all their names are very common Bible names. How coincidental that you just happened to have adopted all 4 children that were already named after strong Biblical figures when you yourself is a self-proclaimed Christian.

  10. cathrl69

    If your group is anything other than a joke, why don’t you just go look at the statistics?

    Hint: no, there is no correlation whatsoever with single mums, teen mums, or indeed any other group of people who you’d like to smear. Bad luck.

  11. Lily ❀

    My dads (yes, dads – plural, get over it) are both gayer than a two-headed-quarter and were both raised in traditional homes with two parents. One was physically abused as a child and grew up in a very emotionally cold and tense home and wealthy parents; the other grew up in a very loving and stable, but poor home with 6 siblings – all of whom are heterosexual in adulthood. Their only common factor is that they’re gay; gays and lesbians come from as varied a family life as anyone else. There’s no way to pin it down, because family life simply isn’t the cause of homosexuality.
    I personally do not believe that abuse, in most cases, has anything to do with orientation. I’m not sure where this perception came from, but it’s not a theory that’s widely accepted in the GLBT community, nor is the “OMG, SINGLE MOMMY = GAY KIDS” hysteria.

    In fact, very few gays and lesbians that I know grew up with single parents. No more than straight people, anyway.
    Homosexuality does not happen because of family structure. Single moms/dads are not to blame, no matter how much you “family” / “traditional values” groups would like it to be so.

    Homosexuality is not a choice, it doesn’t happen because a boy played with a barbie or a girl with hotwheels, or because heaven forbid a male in the family showed affection to his son. Research by actual qualified professionals (see: not religion or right-wing “experts” on family) indicates that homosexuality MAY stem from any one or combination of biological, hormonal, neurological, genetic (and no, you cannot do a Punnett square for teh gayness, LOL), and prenatal environment factors; it’s not a disease, it does not need a cure, and it is no one’s fault.

    As for the logic behind the argument you present, consider the following:
    Every year in Los Angeles, there is a direct correlation between ice cream sales and crime. Ice cream sales go up, crime goes up.
    Does ice cream cause people to commit crimes?
    I hope that no one here (even the religious fanatics and other kinds of delusional people) is stupid enough to make that argument.
    However, does heat make people irritable, as well as lengthen the hours of light and increase the number of people outside, thus increasing crime?
    Absolutely. So yes, ice cream sales and crime have a correlation. But one has to consider other factors to see the whole picture. Ice cream, in reality, has nothing to do with crime: the factor linking the two is the temperature.

    In summation? Correlation does not imply cause. Even if there is a correlation between family structure and homosexuality – which I am unaware of there being any study done by a reputable organisation or university linking the two – there’s always other factors you have to consider before jumping to conclusions.

  12. stella

    I just noticed that someone is going through all these answers and giving them ‘thumbs down’ even though the MAJORITY of them are very much pro-biology.

    Just because someones ideas dont fit with your own, doesnt mean theyre any less important or valid.

    Personally, my stance is that sexuality is determined primarily by biology, though some ‘environment’ circumstances may have something to do with it…mostly issues of abuse etc. BUT i definetely dont believe that being a single mother or gay parents make their kids gay. Thats just ridiculous!

    You think that people actually CHOOSE their orientation? Did you ever choose to be hetero? No, neither did i. So what makes anyone think that homosexuals choose that orientation? Why would anyone choose it when often times a lot of heartache, confusion and depression come of it?

    Isnt the most important thing that children are provided with love and a nurturing environment to become whoever they want to be?

    ps: i just noticed that youre a member of ‘international healing foundation’ trying to rid the world of same sex attracted people (gay to straight you call it). Can i just say…thats absolutely abhorrent! You disgust me.
    Thats like trying to rid the world of a race..blacks, whites, asians..or why not get rid of aethiests or polytheists or whoever you just dont like!
    Youve asked this question without really stating what your stance is, but its obvious youre just looking for people to agree with you.
    let the thumbs down begin *blows rasberry*

  13. kim h

    Being a homosexual is the way they were born. It is not something that they pick up from teen mothers. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

  14. Kate

    Sorry but I think that’s a load of crap. Homosexuality is not something that is brought out by the way they are raised, They just are. In my family I have a Homosexual brother, cousin, and niece. They were all raised in a two parent home. So this isn’t any where near the truth.

  15. June

    NO!! there are plenty of people who come from two parent families and are gay. nothing is wrong with being gay either

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