Q&A: I am in the 8 month of pregnanacy ……………….?

Question by dimpy: I am in the 8 month of pregnanacy ……………….?
and I have developed dark circles under my eyes.Previously my hemoglobin fell to 10 but now I have improved and I am taking care of my iron diet as well,still the circles are not goiing.I am worried.Does anybody have same experience?Will they go after preg.How can we get rid of them?Also my mom said that too much eating while u r pregnant can lead to a fat baby and that can lead to operation.So when my hemoglobin is on lower side n I have to maintain it,then also it is necessary to not to eat too much??

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Answer by princessofthebeach87
Dark circles come from anything. Allergies, not enough sleep, iron-deficincies. Im not sure how to get rid of them, if you find an answer please pass it on to me. Also eating too much doesnt lead to a fat baby, eating too much fat and sugar (as in fast food) leads to a fat baby. I had a 8 1/2 lb baby and I didnt have an operation. If your doctor has told you to eat to keep your hemoglobin up then do it.

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  1. mommyofanangel06

    i have had dark cirlcles for as long asi can remeber and dont worry about eating too much if your baby is going to be big s/he will be big if s/he is going to be small s/hell be small a womans body is designed to take care of a child the only one to suffer by eating less will be you your body will rob its self to feed taht baby maeking an unhealthy mommy and eventually an unheathly baby

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