Q&A: Moms–What is the best “Home Party” business to get into?

Q&A: Moms–What is the best “Home Party” business to get into?

Question by TTC our 1st Devil Pup: Moms–What is the best “Home Party” business to get into?
Hey ladies! I am exploring the idea of being a Home Party consultant but I’m not sure what company would be the best to work for. I’m thinking about BeautiControl (which my mom does), Home and Garden Party, Pampered Chef, or Tupperware, but don’t know the true pros/cons of each. I asked this in small business section, but wanted to know from some moms b/c I’m hoping that once my husband and I have a baby to turn this into my stay at home job so I can still make an income but be at home with my child. Please advise! Thanks!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Whatever you get into think about what people will always need. In a bad economy what are people most likely purchase? What will they pinch pennies on and what do they need?

    I know a lot of women who make tons of money selling make-up and home interiors. Keep in mind that there are certain things people will always do, have babies and get married. If you get into something like make-up or ‘toys’ they are well advertised at bridal shows and you can find a lot of clientele there. Play toward a target audience.

    Good luck, I hope you find a fitting career.

  2. blue-eyes

    I don’t do any, but i’ve been to one of those Pure Romance parties. I asked the lady how much she typically makes, and she said she brings in a profit of anywhere between $ 2 and $ 4 thousand a month and only worked 4 or 5 nights a month. I know she brought in $ 500 in profit for the 3 hours she was at our party! I guess people love their toys even in a recession!

  3. Mommy to 7 month old Jacob

    I was thinking od doing this as well. In fact the woman I might start babysitting for does Party Light and I might ask fer about it. I know for sure I’d always have my dad to buy things LOL he loves candles. And I don’t know if Jafra is still around but my aunts used to do that and it was wonderful!

  4. Trophy Wife

    Stampin up is the best in my opinion. I am a Stampin up sales rep and the thing that is nice about it is you get 20% off the top, that is your commission. They have the best products on the market hands down. It is lots of fun and I get all my scrapbooking stuff through them. Its a win win situation for me. Here is my website for you to look at. http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/saylove/

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