Review of lite brite travel

Review of lite brite travel

The Lite-Brite Travel is similar to the Lite-Brite that I remember from my childhood, but on a smaller scale

My 3 year old played with this for several minutes the first time he saw it, but the novelty has already worn off. When he plays with it he does so briefly. I enjoy playing with it and maybe as he gets older he will too. I do not care for the quick auto turn-off of the light or the storage. The pegs fall out easily. I read another user who uses it upside down so the pegs don’t fall out. Great idea.

Lite Brite is the perfect gift to bring out the creativity in your child. Lite Brite has been loved by many for years.
As my middle son brought in the “beautiful” picture he had made for me on his Lite Brite, I just couldn’t help but to remember all the special things I used to do with MY Lite Brite when I was a child.

I remember one time spending hours (I mean hours literally) making a picture of a flower for my mother. I followed the color coded directions to a tee! I wanted it to be perfect. I was so proud to present my finished “work of art” to her. She made me feel as if I had created a Picasso!!! : )

Battery-powered LITE-BRITE screen is the perfect size for light-up creativity on the go!
Console comes with light bulb and 120 colored pegs.
Requires 2 C batteries (not included).
Available in 3 different colors
Ages 4 and up.