Should I bring presents for all three things the party is for?

Should I bring presents for all three things the party is for?

Question by Nik: Should I bring presents for all three things the party is for?
My brother in law is holding a party for my step sister today, it is a college grad., housewarming, birthday party. Do I have to get her seperate presents for each thing? I feel like that is going to be way to expensive, but I don’t want to be the only person that shows up without gifts for all three things, what do you think?

Oh yeah I am asking mommies because mommies know everything!

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Answer by Gail D
One gift is sufficient. Have fun!

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  1. ♥Lucky♥ 2nd Bun in the Oven

    You contribute what your budget allows. Personally I would bring one gift – most likely something for the house. Or I would get several smaller things and put together a gift basket.

  2. *lovemybabys_Chris_Keyvon_Kiara*

    Maybe get her one really nice thing and a couple gag gifts?

  3. Army Wife

    I think you should because those are all things that she should get gifts for. Graduation is an accomplishment. Housewarming that means she is being responsible. Birthdays sometimes get overshadowed when there is something close to the date. My birthday is near Valentines trust me that one stings.

  4. curiousmrs.

    i’m not a mommy but i just thought i would offer my opinion. i think that one gift would be appropriate. he is probably throwing the party for all things so there does not have to be three different parties. I’m sure they don’t expect everyone to bring a gift for each separate occasion. your sister loves you and I’m sure she will appreciate whatever you give her.

  5. amberjo~*GO48JJ*~

    you could get one for each but make sure that they aren’t really pricey

  6. dueoct16boy#3

    Since they are having it all in one party that means only one present is needed.

  7. Halooo182

    get a little gift bag.
    and get a birthday card with a big badge
    maybe a little teddy with one of them hats on (i’m seeing them everywhere :|)
    or a mug with congratulations on.
    cause that would cover the college grad and housewarming :)

  8. mommy of twins. #3 Due Feb 09

    maybe get her a nice 2008 grad picture frame and then something for the house.. you dont have to spend to much on them.. but also one gift is fine as well!

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